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Learning through Environmental Print

  Environmental Print Before getting my first teaching job, I remember fearing the possibility of teaching kindergarten. Why? I feared all the stuff you need! A good chunk of that “stuff” is Environmental Print.  What is Environmental Print? Logos and signs, many of which you will see as you’re driving by a busy shopping center…

Adult Conversations

Everyone needs adult conversations, especially stay-at-home moms! I worked a booth a couple of weeks ago selling books. It was at the school where I taught third grade before having my son. Staying home all day, sometimes I forget how invigorating it is to converse with people. I love striking up conversations with new people.…

Bears Don't Read

“Bears Don’t Read” by Emma Chichester Clark

Hi! This is Cristina and this is my first book review with a few educational thoughts, as well. Today I’m talking about “Bears Don’t Read,” by  Emma Chichester Clark. I actually read this story out loud to myself and my husband one night and laughed out loud, which is a regular occurrence, but not usually…

The Beginning of my Direct Sales Journey

The Beginning

The Leap So, I’m making the leap! I’ve decided to start a blog.  After leaving the classroom (third grade) to stay home, I thought my life would be completely fulfilled by staying home with my baby boy. Don’t get me wrong. I adore staying home and I love being a mommy. Later on, I realized,…