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Find a Moms group!

Want to find a Moms group? Staying at home can be a blessing and a struggle.  It’s wonderful to soak in the development and growth of your child, while it can also be incredibly lonely at the same time. This is why finding a moms group is so important! Find some other stay-at-home-moms in your…

How to take the Perfect Family Christmas Picture!

Before Taking a Picture: Get to know your camera setting, especially which settings will work best for family pictures. For me, I use both the portrait setting (for close-ups) and sport (for moving-objects or children) Check the lighting to see if a flash is necessary. Take a few test shots to see whether flash or…

Christmas Activities for Children

5 Ways to Embrace Christmas with Kids

This time of year can be crazy for anyone, and even crazier if you have children. Because children can sense the chaos around them, you need to keep your children active to save your sanity. There are all kinds of Christmas Activities for Children. Here are just 5 easy ways to embrace the Christmas spirit…

Pumpkin Patches for Literacy

Pumpkin Patches for Literacy

Build Background Knowledge Part of building literacy is building up your child’s background knowledge. Every time you expose your child to a new experience, you are building up your child’s background knowledge to new words and information. At Home and Away Children learn much of their vocabulary by reading and doing. Use the back-to-school time…

Reading through the Mail

Sometimes we get in a reading rut where we’ve read the same book over and over and over again. This gets old FAST. One quick way to change it up is reading through the mail. I’m not very consistent at getting the mail quickly, which is even better for reading through it! There’s lots of…

Environmental Print, Learning through Print, McDonalds, Childhood

Learning through Environmental Print

  Environmental Print Before getting my first teaching job, I remember fearing the possibility of teaching kindergarten. Why? I feared all the stuff you need! A good chunk of that “stuff” is Environmental Print.  What is Environmental Print? Logos and signs, many of which you will see as you’re driving by a busy shopping center…