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Working with schools and Libraries with EDC Publishing- Usborne and Kane Miller Books

10 ways to work with schools and libraries

10 ways to work with schools and libraries through Usborne Books & More Working with schools and libraries is one of the thrills of being and Usborne Books & More consultant. To work with school and libraries, you must become an Educational Service Representative, which takes an extra certification. Then you sign up for schools…

Reading Order of Usborne and Kane Miller Books

Some chapter books need to be read in order, while others need can be read in any order. Reading Order of Usborne and Kane Miller Books Which Usborne and Kane Miller Books need to be read in order? As an Usborne Books & More Consultant, this is a question I get fairly often. There are…

The Best Things about Sqweee

10 things You will Love about Sqweee

Have you heard of Facebook? Ever heard of Facebook parties? Ok, now forget everything you know about them! Sqweee is different. Sqweee is amazing. Here’s more than 10 awesome things you can do with sqweee. Spice up your Direct Sales Parties For you as a Consultant 1. You can forget about Pre-Party Posts! How relaxing…

Books that Build Confidence

Books that Build Confidence

This month in my Community of Readers here at the Reading Scoop, we’re exploring all kinds of emotions. We’ve started with ways to build confidence with the books we’re reading. For Younger Readers Hip and Hop, You Can Do Anything This book is one of my new favorites. The message is clear with the quotes…

Local Storytime at Chloe’s Closet

Recently, I was connected with an awesome owner, of a sweet family-oriented resale boutique. Just walking in, you’ll know this place is special. From the beautifully kept clothing to the homemade good by work-at-home moms, you will fall in love with this store. You’ll love the owner, Hannah, even more! She has return customers for…

Usborne Books & More

6 ways to Rock your Usborne Books & More Business

6 ways to rock your Usborne Books & More Business Home Parties Home Parties are cozy and fun! Girls Nights, Wine, and Books! After introductions, have each guest pick up a book to share with the whole group. This will get everyone thinking and talking about the books! Home Parties are great for getting one-on-one…

Book Birthday Club

Join The Birthday Club with Usborne Books & More

I have some great news! I just started a birthday club! Join my birthday club and get 10% off books ordered in the month of your child’s birthday! Plus, you’ll get an email a few weeks before the special day so your child’s birthday doesn’t sneak up on you as they sometimes do. All you…