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New Year, New You: Workout Challenge

Every year people make new resolutions that don’t last. That’s doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make a resolution, though. We should always strive to be better, change for the better. I want to get fit and healthy whether it’s the new year, or not. I have at least 15 pounds to lose to get rid…

Young adult adventure novel

New Adventure Series by Bear Grylls

There’s a brand-new series of chapter books, coloring books, and activity books all by Bear Grylls, renowed survivalist. Chapter Books: Bear Grylls Adventures This new series by Bear Grylls contains a four chapter-book series. These books range in interest from 7-10. The reading level is  around a level O (DRA 34) or around the middle…

Gift Certificates for Usborne Books & More

Gift Certificates for Usborne Books & More

Sometimes the perfect gift is hard to buy! Instead of a gift, give a gift certificate for educational, fun, and interactive books! You choose the amount and the child or parent on the receiving end will choose the perfect books for the occasion! I will design a gift certificate perfect for the occasion you celebrate.…

Perfect Books to develop Imagination and Creativity

Perfect Books to develop Imagination and Creativity

Want a book you can come back to again and again? You can change the story, even grow with the story. Two of these books you will LOVE are You Choose and Just Imagine. Loved by parents, children, speech therapists, and other book lovers. Turn the pages and get a new question to help develop…

All Kinds of Usborne Books & More

All Kinds of Usborne Books & More

Everyone loves reading all kinds of books. After having four Facebook parties in a week, I was thinking of the wide variety of books we have available through Usborne Books & More. So with an ode to Dr. Seuss, and channeling my best Michelle Nelson-Schmidt and Eric Ode, here are just a few of the…

Hands-on Activities for Hanukkah

Every year families choose family traditions to celebrate the holidays. Here are a few gift ideas to celebrate Hanukkah.  Hands-on Activities Give your children gifts that allow experiences they can remember. Here are three of the best hands-on activities. Let’s start off with a family-fun puzzle. Learning and fun in one! Atlas & Jigsaw Puzzle-…

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt's Best Children's Books

Books by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

   Michelle Nelson- Schmidt is one amazing writer, illustrator, and friend. Here are some of my favorite stories written by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt. Inspirational Books: Bob is a Unicorn In this story by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, Bob is a little different. Bob thinks he’s a unicorn, but the other animals just don’t see it.  Just like in…

Usborne Non-Fiction for Early Readers

Usborne Non-Fiction Let’s talk Usborne Non-Fiction I have been to visit with several Elementary School Librarians and Reading Specialists. What are they most impressed with? Our nonfiction! Beginners We’ll start with the Beginners. These hardback beauties are just $4.99! Filled with facts, text-features, and beautiful pictures, they delight children from preschooler to middle schooler. As…