New Rhyming Series for Preschoolers

Don’t you love when your child finds a new book or series that keeps them wanting to read more and more?

This just happened with my four year old. He has fallen in love with the new School of Monsters Series. There are 5 books in the series. We read them all at least one a day.

School of Monsters

Pete’s Big Feet is probably his favorite, but he loves them all. Every set of pages contains a rhyming word in a different colored print than the rest of the sentence. Here’s a couple of page in Pete’s Big Feet.

We love rhyming at home and these books fit right in! We love the illustrations and the worm you can find on most, but not all, pages.

Each of the books is really sweet on its own, but you’ll definitely want the set.

My favorite is probably Mary has the Best Pet Yet . Mary’s pet starts out small and then eats and eats and eats.

Here’s 5 quick things you can do with the series.

  1. Play a rhyming game with the words. Race Face Brace Chase Lace… etc
  2. Find all the characters in every book.
  3. Find the worm on the pages that it appears.
  4. Draw the main character. The illustrator shows a step-by-step guide in the back of each book to make this really simple.
  5. Find the rhyming words on the circles in the back of the book.

I almost forgot! There’s also a guide to parents in each book from the author, Sally Rippin!

If you like this series, make sure to check out Sally Rippin’s other series. From Hey Jack and Billie B. Brown to Polly and Buster, there’s something for everyone from Sally Rippin.

Polly and Buster is one of my favorite series. Find out more about this series here.

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