2020 Mid-Season Releases

Usborne Books & More comes out with brand-new books three times a year. October is one of those times. Get ready for some sequels, Christmas books, new chapter books, and more!

Picture Books

Don’t Tickle the Tiger Ages 6 months+

A new addition to the Don’t Tickle Series!

When you tickle the characters on their touchy feely patch, you’ll hear a tigeriffic sound. You’ll love the latest book in this adorable series. $19.99

The Tale of the Valiant Ninja Frog Ages 4-8

Sequel to The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears

2020 Mid Season Releases

Jamie and Dad are back for a new story. While telling stories, Jamie tends to interrupt his dad over and over again to change up the story. This time they’re around the campfire with Jamie’s sister, Abby. You’ll love this funny book with all kinds of twists and turns. $12.99

Santa Post Ages 4-8

Similar title to Dragon Post and Beast Feast

2020 Mid Season Releases

You’ll love the letters to Santa just like you did with Dragon Post and Beast Feast. Just like Beast Feast, these letters are attached and fold open so you can’t lose them! Just in time for Christmas, you’ll love this interactive story. $14.99

My Pet (Not Yours) Ages 3-6

Sequel to My Book (Not Yours)

2020 Mid Season Releases

The rivalry continue between Lento the sloth and Fox. This time they right over Mr. Fluffington in this hilarious sequel to My Pet (Not Yours). $14.99

Hooray, it’s Garbage Day! Ages 2-5

2020 Mid Season Releases

You’ll love this rhyming book for all fans of sanitation! Keep the kids entertained and learning at the same time. This would be great for a Community-helpers unit! Check out the Kirkus Review here. $14.99

Chapter Books

The Extraordinary Life Series Ages 7-11

This series celebrate extraordinary lives around the world. Great text features including timelines, pictures, quotes and more show up in these books. $5.99 each

Serena Williams

2020 Mid Season Releases

Amelia Earhart

2020 Mid Season Releases

Mahatma Gandhi

2020 Mid Season Releases

Mary Seacole

2020 Mid Season Releases

Steve Jobs

2020 Mid Season Releases

Nelson Mandela

2020 Mid Season Releases

The Wizard of Oz Ages 10+

2020 Mid Season Releases

A new addition in the Usborne Graphic Classics. You’ll love the retelling of this familiar classic in this beautifully created graphic novel. $9.99


Pop-up Seasons Ages 3+

2020 Mid Season Releases

Explore the seasons in this beautiful pop-up book. Five spreads of enchanting pop-up scenes with birds, bees, autumn leaves, snow and a whole four-seasons pop-up tree finishes out the book with a gorgeous finale. $14.99

Football All-Stars

2020 Mid Season Releases
2020 Mid Season Releases

Discover facts and figures about your favorite sports star. Each book dives into career histories and hall of fame players and teams. $4.99

Baseball All-Stars

2020 Mid Season Releases
2020 Mid Season Releases

Just like Football All-Stars, get a look at all your favorite players in baseball. $4.99

100 Things to Know About Saving the Planet

2020 Mid Season Releases

This beautiful book is filled with 100 fascinating facts about saving the planet. Infographic illustrations and links to websites make learning fun and lead to even more discovery after reading. $12.99

The Math of a Milkshake Ages 12+

2020 Mid Season Releases

Learn the truth about pizza portions, the symmetry of fruit, conduct probability experiments with jelly beans, and more in this Kitchen Science book. $14.99

The Physics of Popcorn

2020 Mid Season Releases

In this Kitchen Science edition, you’ll discover the truth about toast, learn how the microwave oven works, and conduct experiment with static electricity. $14.99

We have many other books that just came out. These were a few that stood out. Which ones are you adding to your list first?

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