Usborne Baby Books

Babies can be overwhelming. There’s so much information out there nowadays and many people disagree on the ways to feed, train to sleep, etc.

But one thing that is usually agreed upon is the importance of reading.
Children learn so much from reading. They love listening to our soothing voices, they hear new words, see images, shapes, and colors. Our babies’ first teachers are us and we can be amazing teachers just through reading books frequently.

Here are a few of my favorite Baby Books:

“That’s Not My” Books

Usborne Baby Books
That’s not My Starter Collection

Each of the more than 40 books in the series contain different touchy feely elements, perfect for babies and toddlers. The textures might be soft, rough, smooth. Each of the textures is an opportunity to guide small fingers under yours onto the pages of the book.

The books also follow a familiar theme: That’s not my _______, its _______ is too _______. Then at the end of the book, it reads, That’s my _________, its _________ is so __________.

This is a popular series for a good reason. Woudl you like That’s not my Truck or Pony? That’s not my elf or Princess? That’s not my Mermaid or Dragon? That’s not my bat, bee, elephant, or flamingo?

Almost anything you think of is an option for a “That’s not my” book.

Here’s one page from “That’s not my bee”.

Usborne Baby Books

Are You there Little….

This Series is pretty new and absolutely adorable. The little books have fingertrails you can again guide your baby’s fingers along just like the textures of the “That’s not my” books.

Recommended: Ages 6 months+

In every “Are you there Little” book you’re looking for the animal on the cover. You’ll think you spot the bat/bunny/fox or whatever you’re looking for in a peek-through hole, but then the book tricks you! Instead you’ve found another animal or part of nature.

Here’s an example in “Are you there little Fox?”

Usborne Baby Books

You can see fox’s nose below.

Usborne Baby Books

Tummy Time!

Babies are known to despise tummy time and this new series of Farmyard (Tummy Time) and Woodland (Tummy Time) are the perfect remedy.

Usborne Baby Books

Your baby can open up it up like a book and touch and feel while holding up their head to build strong neck muscles.

Usborne Baby Books

You can also form is into a triangle ready for a baby close-up in the mirror.

Usborne Baby Books

Baby’s Very First Slide and See

This series is great for little hands that aren’t ready for flap books, but want a little more than a “That’s not my” book.

Recommended: Ages 1+

Usborne Baby Books

Slide your baby’s finger along the finger trails and place in the hole next to the giraffe on the second page to watch the giraffe’s head move up and down.

Here’s another slide and see example:

Usborne Baby Books

Have fun with the story as you push the baby dinosaurs up and down and play who’s hiding!

My three year old still enjoys playing with this set.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite baby books! I’d love to stay connected. Come join my online community where I do storytime, share the best and newest titles, and talk all about mom life.

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