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You might know Usborne Books from growing up or be familiar with the baby and toddler selection. Through Usborne Books & More, we have new chapter books as well as new baby, toddler, and non-fiction books every three months.

I’m particularly proud of this selection of chapter Books.

June 2020 New Releases

Kensy & Max: Breaking News

2020 Chapter Books

As soon as I finished this first title in the series, I was immediately regretting I didn’t buy the whole set at the same time. I’ll put the others on my next order.

Recommended: Ages 8-12

This series has everything an adventure lover could want: suspicious behavior, clues, and a decoding adventure. There are twists and turns and you’re not sure who the main characters, Kensy and Max, can trust. These twins go on a bumpy ride to find out why they woke up in a brand-new place with no word on where their parents are.

Favorites: Every Chapter Title is coded. Decode it to figure out a clue to what this chapter will be about.

My 3rd graders would have loved this! I would have used this as a small group read or read it aloud. There are so many ways to extend thinking or knowledge through the book. Purchase this set through me and you’ll get the decoder script, discussion questions, and the decoder answer sheet.

Hotel Flamingo

2020 Chapter Books

Anna is the new owner of Hotel Flamingo, a hotel run by a staff of animals to serve the animal guests. Anna’s new inheritance is so run-down, it’s hard to see how anyone can restore this hotel to its original beauty.

Mr. Bear and Lemmy are always by Anna’s side to help her along the way. You’ll love this sweet story filled with a couple of pictures every chapter.

Recommended: Ages 6-9

One fun activity to do with this book is to create a detailed map of the hotel and the changes Anna and crew need to change.

Vlad, the World’s Worst Vampire

Vlad just wants to find new friends, but he finds this more difficult being a vampire in a human school. This funny and sweet series follows Vlad as he conquers fears and makes new friends.

Recommended: Ages 6-9

January 2020

Lightning Girl

2020 Chapter Books

I wasn’t sure how I would like this book, but I absolutely fell in love with the main character, Aurora. Aurora goes through many situations anyone can empathize with including jealousy when her best friend starts to make new friends and her parents separating.

Imagine Aurora’s amazement when she finds out by accident that she has superpowers! Hiding this from her best friend, Kizzy, and her siblings proves to be more difficult that she ever thought possible. You will fall in love with Aurora and the storyline just like I did!

Recommended: Ages 8+ (some reviews say 6 or 7 is fine as well depending on your child)

Patty Hits the Court

2020 Chapter Books

I’ve been reading this book aloud to my 5 year old at night. I love the life lessons it includes within the topic of sports. Patty works through learning something new, being a team player, and never giving up throughout the first book in the series.

Recommended: Ages 7-10

One fun activity that you could do with this book is make a list of the words used in the book that have an American translation, like footy to football.

The Travels of Ermine

2020 Chapter Books

Follow this quirky stoat (weasel) as she conquers the world with three stories-in-one. In each story, Ermine takes on a grand adventure. First in New York, then and Sydney, and last in London.

Recommended: Ages 7 + (although some reviews say as young as age 4)

Chloe Center Stage

2020 Chapter Books

Chloe is first up in this Shine series and a Performing Arts school. Each book focuses on a different character in this school working with various problems.

Recommended: Ages 7-11

I enjoy that the girls show off a range of talents with acting, singing, and dance included.

The Extraordinary Life of Rosa Parks

2020 Chapter Books
The Extraordinary Life of Collection

This new series that you can purchase as a set or individually is the perfect set of biographies to start reading aloud to your child.

Each book has colored pages filled with pictures, quotes, and timelines. Even if you’ve learned about these famous people before, you are very likely to learn something new.

Recommended: Ages 7-11

2020 Chapter Books
The Extraordinary Life of Rosa Parks

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