The Simplest Way to Teach your Child to Read

Teaching your child to read can be one of the most challenging and exciting times as a parent. My 4 year old will soon be going to kindergarten, but I felt he was really ready to learn to read from his knowledge of all the letters in the alphabet and the sounds they make.

I had heard such wonderful things about the Very First Reading Box Set that I had to see if it lived up to the wonderful reviews.

Very First Reading Box Set

My First Reading Library comes with 15 hard back titles with a parent guide included.

Full set of books from Very First Reading Box Set

We started with book one just a couple of weeks after my son turned 5. I was nervous about the process of starting to read and because my son will be going to Kindergarten I didn’t want him to be too far ahead, but I also saw he was ready for this reading adventure. So, why not?

Here are some questions you might be asking right now.

When should I start with the Very First Reading Box Set?

When you’re ready to devote the time with your child. This could be just a few minutes a day.

When your child has a good grasp on letters and letter-sounds. There will be lots of stretching out words.

How do I start using Very First Reading Box Set?

Start with looking through the parent guide. Then start with Book 1 and continue with the other books. You will read the smaller print and your child will read the larger, bold print.

Some helpful Tips:

  • Keep your expectations low
  • One book might be finished in one day or several days.
  • Make it light and fun. Stop before the frustration level is high.
  • Encourage your child to stretch out the words rather than sound them out. Instead of d-i-d (staccato in piano or voice), have your child imagine stretching out a snake and stretching the sounds together. This will help form the words more easily.
  • Have fun! This bonding experience is the perfect way to learn to read.

The shared reading aspect of these books allows your reader to hear a more interesting story than a lot of early readers.

Each books ends with puzzles to practice phonemic awareness, comprehension, or various other reading skills.

We’re currently on Book 5 and I can’t believe how far my young reader has come. Share your experience with Very First Reading Box Set.

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