The Best Interactive Books for Preschoolers

Through various storytimes with my own children and others, I get to see which books children gravitate toward over others.

What can happen when children interact fully with books?

  • Children see reading as fun
  • Children pick up new vocabulary
  • Children want to read books over and over again. (There are so many benefits from re-reading, but we’ll get to this later.)

Reading should be a full body experience. Some books prompt children to tap their toes, touch their head, repeat phrases, etc. Reading high-quality interactive books will cause children to dance, sing, laugh, and be silly while listening to books.

Here are some of my very favorite books for full children interaction:

Books that ask children to do something

I Say Ooh You Say Aah

This book is incredibly special. It’s great for ages 4-8. It is extremely interactive. Throughout the book, you are supposed to repeat words and actions depending on what you see in the book.

“If you see a cloud say your name out loud. “

“When you see an ant you say underpants.”

Unleashing Readers described it as, “What a wonderful read aloud! It is like a “Simon says” book, so it really looks at doing what is instructed and also what effects of your actions may be. If you are a parent, teacher, librarian, or book seller who reads to young kids, go get this one now and find some kids to make laugh. “

This is Crab

This is the latest in this adorable series with similar titles, This is Frog and This is Owl.

Each of these books provide some way to interact on each page.

“Shake the book from right to left to help Crab set off in a sideways scuttle.”

This is Frog

This is Owl

Books that repeat highly engaging phrases

The Gobble Gobble Mooooo Tractor Book

This book is great for babies up to 2nd grade (although adults love it, too!).

We love repeating the phrases of the different animals as they pretend to drive the tractor.

The Jean Little Library says, “Perfect for toddler storytimes and many, many hilarious read-alouds. A must for your storytime section and picture book shelves!”

I’m not a huge fan of book jackets, so I took that off right away and be ware of the pages that open all the way up to form a huge four-page spread. This can be easily messed up by strong baby hands!

Red Red Red

This is one of my family’s new favorites. Along with the repeated phrases, this book helped my two year old learn to work through his emotions.

Everything is going wrong for the toddler in the story. His mom helps him work through his emotions to feel better. Such a cute and important story for children.

Kirkus Reviews describes this book, “This British import serves up lessons in emotional regulation, with a side of biscuits. … It depicts the child in a full-blown tantrum, spiky red lines emanating forth to dominate the page and bold, block letters filling one half of the spread to evoke furious yelling. Patient Mum intercedes and helps her child count to 10 to calm down while Dunbar’s art, typography, and symbolic scribbly lines combine to depict the child eventually relaxing. A scene of deep breathing precedes the final reward of a biscuit, and then another to stave off any risk of additional tantrums. Help for coping when the cookie crumbles.”

Dan, the Taxi Man

We love Dan, the Taxi Man in our house.

Each new character in the book adds a new musical sound.

“Shake-a shake, crash! Shake-a-shake, crash!”

This book will delight children from age 2-10. This is a must-have for any home library.

Can I Join Your Club

Many interactive books encourage children to learn new vocabulary. My son learned the word ‘denied’ from this book.

Duck goes around to all the different animal clubs, but the animals are not very welcoming. This is a great story to teach why it’s important to include others. With repetitive phrases, this book will be recited throughout your home.

Books that encourage child interaction with sound

Don’t Tickle the Dinosaur!

Children won’t be able to resist tickling the soft patches throughout the book to hear dinosaur sounds. Wait until the end to hear all the dinosaurs together.

Don’t Tickle the Lion!

Just like the dinosaur book, you tickle the soft patches to hear the animal sounds.

Don’t Tickle the Hippo

This book is the original in this touchy-feely sounds series.

You and your children will love the interactive sounds and the dance-party at the end that you’re sure to have!

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P.S. Here’s a sweet new series that just came out that’s perfect for Preschoolers. Click this link to check it out!

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