Books that Make Parenting Easier

There are so many questions that can go through your mind as a parent. Why not make some parenting issues easier? Here I’ll introduce you to books that can help with Homework, Boredom, Church, Waiting for Appointments/Restaurants, Emotional Awareness, and Potty Training.

Homework Helpers

Homework or help with studying can be the biggest headache. Math, especially, can be a headache with many of the new ways of teaching. Though Common Core, many new Math strategies differ greatly from older ways of teaching. Here are a few Homework Helpers to ease the nightly Homework Stress.

Illustrated Elementary Math Dictionary $12.99

The Illustrated Math Dictionary contains over 450 key Math terms and concepts and backs them up with illustrations and examples. This book would be great for students in third-fifth grade and their parents.

Books for Parenting
The Elementary Math Dictionary

Illustrated Dictionary of Math $12.99

The Illustrated Math Dictionary contains over 500 key Math terms and concepts and backs them up with illustrations and examples. This book would be great for students in fifth grade through high-school math and their parents. The book also connects to recommended websites.

Books for Parenting

Illustrated Elementary Science Dictionary $12.99

This Science Dictionary, for ages 8+ and their parents, lays a basic Science foundation in a simple and age appropriate way.

One of the customer reviews states, “This book is soo Awesome!! It has Everything that my 4th grader is learning in school this year!! It has some more advanced things that she will be learning within the next couple of years too! One reviewer posted about a section in the book about Reproduction that has little diagrams so it might not be a book you want to hand right over for your child to flip through on their own If they haven’t learned about how We reproduce. But it brings up the subject in a appropriate manner though?! Great Science book for Elementary kids to have at home!!”

Books for Parenting

Books for Church and Wait Time

Little Board Books

The Little Board Book series is perfect for throwing in your purse or diaper bag. There are 10 different books in the series including Rain, Rain, Go Away and Noah’s Ark. The sweet pictures and story will be a new book you read again and again. Recommended for ages 0-5

Books for Parenting

Slide and See $14.99

The Slide and See series is the perfect series for any toddler or preschooler with busy hands. This is the perfect quiet book for church or waiting time during appointments. Finger trails and sliders encourage children to interact one-on-one with the books.

Books for Parenting

Jungle Play Pad $9.99

The Jungle Play Pad is the perfect activity to have on hand at a restaurant. Keep a few of the sheets from the pad in your diaper bag for the times your children finish the restaurant’s coloring sheet quickly or the restaurant doesn’t have much of an activity sheet. You could also use this on a car trip!

Each sheet has an activity on one side and a coloring sheet on the other. For older children (9+), check out the Mazes Play Pad.

Books for Parenting
Coloring Sheet on one side and activity on the other.

Emotional Awareness

Red Red Red

If your toddler or preschooler ever gets angry or frustrated (which toddler doesn’t?!), then this book is a great addition for your home.

The little boy in the book is so frustrated and angry, he’s seeing RED, RED, RED! His mom teaches him how counting to 10 can calm him down.

I’ve read this book so many times with my boys and in between our readings, I see new strategies to calm frustrations forming.

Books for Parenting
Red Red Red

Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster $6.99

Do you have a child that loves to play the whatif game? What if it’s scary? What if they’re mean? What if I don’t like it?

Jonathan James learns to switch the what if around. Instead of what if I don’t like it, he wonders what if I love it?

This book is great for working through day to day worries.


Cordelia has the biggest confidence in herself and her abilities until others start to doubt her and she begins to doubt herself.

The message is simple but powerful. Follow your dreams. Believe in yourself.

This beautiful picture book is perfect for girls of all ages.

Books for Parenting

Boredom Busters

How much do you hate hearing, “I’m Bored!” Children are so used to the overstimulation of television, video games, and more. Here are a few activity books for the next time boredom hits.

Magic Painting Books $9.99

Create a beautiful picture with a Magic Painting Book. One quality paint brush is included. Just add water. For younger children you can use cotton balls or Q-tips for more ownership. For more tips, read my full post on Magic Painting Books.

There are several different Magic Painting books. Featured before is the Fairy Palaces book.

Press-out Paper Dolls $17.99

Dress up these paper dolls in different styles. Turn the inside cover into a stand-up backdrop for the dolls and wardrobes.

If you enjoy this, check out the Press-Out Paper Farm next!

100 Paper Planes to fold & fly $7.99

The paper planes series is great for rainy day boredom. Each book comes with 100 sheets and instructions for 4 different folding designs. For more specific, read on here.

The Paper Planes Series includes bugs, dragons, spaceships, and more!

Never Get Bored Series

The Never Get Bored Series includes this book featured below and many others including:

  • Never Get Bored Book Outdoors
  • Never Get Bored Cards
  • Never Get Bored: Maze Cards
  • Never Get Bored: On the Go Puzzle

This Series provides games and activities to decrease boredom and increase learning, fun, and interaction.

Potty Training

What is Poop? $12.99

This Lift-the-Flap book is the perfect book to introduce the idea of poop and how all animals do it. It also shows where poop goes after you flush it down the toilet. Children love opening the flaps and finding out interesting facts about POOP!

What’s a Potty For?

This Lift-the-flap book follows twin brother and sister that are having trouble using the toilet. Watch as they learn more and more about using a little toilet and succeed in the end!

What are Germs?

After talking about poop and the toilet, this would be a great time to explain why washing your hands after using the toilet is vital for our health! Keep sickness out of your home by reading about covering your mouth when you cough and keeping germs to a minimum!

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