Usborne Magic Painting Books

Usborne Magic Painting Books

Usborne Magic Painting Books are the perfect quick activity during meal prep or lazy afternoons. I’m a non-craft loving momma, so these books are perfect for me because they require no paint!!! They only use water!

Watch below and see the transformation. This is just one of the magic painting books available. You can find all of them here.   You can find over 10 different book options available. From Jungle and Cinderella to Seasonal Choices and Magical Creatures, there’s something for everyone.

Now for the transformation. Below I show Brandon at age 3 doing a magic painting page. He chose the leopard.

I use packing paper or cardboard to put under the magic painting page. Each book contains a thicker page to put underneath, but just in case the painting gets a little crazy, this is what I do.

All you need is a little cup of water and a paint brush is included in the book. The newer editions coming out have the paint brush inside the book, instead of being contained in a plastic covering.

I got a few extra paintbrushes at the store, although these are not as good as the paintbrush included. Now watch as Brandon goes to town!

Usborne Magic Painting

Usborne Magic PaintingUsborne Magic PaintingUsborne Magic PaintingUsborne Magic PaintingUsborne Magic Painting


Usborne Magic Painting

He was pretty pleased with his painting. Usborne Magic PaintingUsborne Magic Painting

Here Brandon’s painting is on the left and mine is on the right. I was pretty proud of my picture, too. The key to getting vibrant colors is using a strong paintbrush (like the one included) and rinsing out your brush in between objects.

Usborne Magic PaintingUsborne Magic Painting

With my two year old, I have used q-tips or cotton balls for the painting instead of a paint brush so it has the same effect. He loved it just the same, but not for quite as long.

Another activity book we love at our house is the Paper Planes book. Check my blog out here.

Hope you enjoyed the Usborne Magic Painting example. I’d love to have you in my online community. Join us here as we talk a lot about mom life and throw in awesome books as well!

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