Why Join My Usborne Books & More Team?

Should I Join Usborne?

This is a questions I hear a lot! The short answer is Yes! 

When you choose to join UBAM, why should you join MY team?

1. Social Media Strategy

You found me either through Pinterest (Blogging), Google(Blogging), Instagram, or Facebook! I can teach you how to be found in the same way!

Should I Join Usborne

2. Creating Graphics

I often get asked about my graphics on my website. I will not only share my graphics with you, but I will teach you how to set yourself apart by creating your own graphics that show off YOU!

.Should I Join Usborne

3. Ideas, Dreams, and Goals

I love thinking outside the box. I tend to enjoy doing things differently than everyone else. Therefore, I love bouncing ideas around to see something in a new way. I partner with my team members, listen to their goals and dreams, and find ideas to get them there.

Should I Join Usborne

4. Reading Workshops

I have created a Mommy and Me Workshop and Reading Workshop (for adults) exclusively for Kane Miller and Usborne Titles. I only teach the people that join my team this workshop. This workshop can only add value to your business as a direct seller.

Should I Join Usborne

5. Sample Lesson Plans

As a former third grade reading teacher, I have a strong reading background. As soon as I pick up a book, I see it as a possible lesson plan. I have sample lessons and ideas for teachers to use these books.

Should I Join Usborne

6. Schools and Libraries

I am a Certified ESR, meaning I have taken the extra steps to work with schools and libraries. I understand the process of getting libraries to become a vendor and how to ask the right questions. We have strong support through our School and Library Division. I’m in regular contact with Home Office to make sure we are getting books into schools and libraries in my area.

Should I Join Usborne

7. Parties, Fundraising, and Storytime

I have done a little bit of everything: home parties, Facebook parties, Sqweee parties, booths, book fairs through preschools, fundraising for local moms groups, storytime, Literacy for a Lifetimes and orders through schools and libraries, and $5 Book Days. 

Should I Join usborne

8. Follow-Up Strategy

I have a great follow-up strategy using both an excel file, an email strategy, and Facebook strategy.

Should I Join Usborne

9. Motivational Tips

I am not afraid of a challenge. I thrive on competition and setting myself apart from the crowd. I love sharing ideas, trainings, and motivational tips with my team.

Should I Join usborne

10. Your Mission Starts NOW!

Why not? UBAM’s mission is so important. Why? 1. Screens are taking over little minds. 2. Did you know the amount of jails built are often determined by third grade reading comprehension scores. Join me and let’s conquer illiteracy together! 

Should I Join Usborne

I can’t wait to partner with you for literacy! Fill out the form below and let me know a little bit more about you. OR are you ready to get signed up? Join Team Inspire by filling this out.


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