Read with Usborne

Read with Usborne

Read with Usborne is a series of Early Readers ranging from Level 1-4. Parents can read these early readers with their children around age 4. Children will grow into reading these books on their own starting at Level 1.

Read with Usborne, Early Reading Series,

Level 1

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Level 1 Readers are around a first grade level. There are around 5-7 words on each page in one short sentence. Pictures fill the pages as well as some text features, like bold print and captions. There are over 10 different Level 1 Readers including Non-Fiction and Legends. Read Level 1 Readers to your child starting at age 4 and watch them blossom into reading on their own closer to age 6 or 7. Read Read with Usborne books in more than one sitting to practice skills without getting tired.

In the back of Level 1 Readers, there are puzzles to test your knowledge of the book. There’s also an index and a link to a website to learn more.

Level 2

Level 2 Readers are written for the end of first-grade, beginning of second or developing readers. They have 1-2 sentences on each page. There will be one or two words on every page that will likely trouble a young reader, which is perfect to practice reading skills like looking at the word and using context for clues. Level 2 Readers include more difficult vocabulary as well. Many fairy tales fall in the Level 2 Reading category.

Level 3

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Late second graders and early third graders will love the third Read with Usborne level. Each page contains 2-4 sentences with more words and more complex structure. The books are just a bit longer in length than levels 1 and 2, but with more depth, so children will likely need a bookmark for all levels and read them in two or three sittings instead of just one. Or, practice fluency using books one or two levels below your child’s independent reading level.

Level 4

Level 4 Read with Usborne, Usborne Books & More Early Readers, Find out more at

Level 4 Readers are great for end of Third Grade or beginning of Fourth Grade, depending on the reader. This level is around 20 pages longer than the 3 previous series. Written in chapters with longer text on each page, these books are a great introduction to chapter books.

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**I am an Usborne Books & More Consultant as well as a Mom and a Former Third Grade Reading Teacher. Usborne Publishing Ltd. (UK) has no connection with these pages and does not sponsor or support their content.


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