Polly and Buster

Polly and Buster is the latest series by Sally Rippin. Sally Rippin is a well-known author and illustrator from Australia. Her best-selling series Hey Jack and Billie B. Brown are the perfect starter chapter books for emergent readers. 

Polly and Buster, Sally Rippin's latest series about the forbidden friendship between a witch and monster. Check out more at thereadingscoop.com

Polly and Buster: The Wayward Witch and the Feelings Monster

Polly and Buster

Sally Rippin wrote Polly and Buster, a beautiful chapter book recommended for ages 7-10. $6.99 for the paperback and $17.99 for the hardback.

Polly is a witch and Buster is a monster.  Buster is the perfect friend for Polly as he makes her laugh, gives her big hugs, and really listens to her problems. The only hiccup is.. their friendship is forbidden, something that Polly’s older sister Winifred constantly reminds her.

Polly’s friendship with Buster makes her feel loved. Polly never feels loved and wanted at school because she really doesn’t have any witch friends. She doesn’t read and write as quickly as the other witches and she is NOT good at spells.

Her popularity changes throughout the book and as Polly starts to enjoy it, she’s wondering if it’s really worth it.

Polly and Buster

Through Polly and Buster, you’ll explore true friendship, acceptance, loyalty, and believing in yourself.

I loved the many messages throughout this story. Messages to fight for the “little man” and fight for those you believe in, including yourself.

Polly and Buster

Polly puts her friendship with Buster through the wringer as we humans do all too often. This series provides the framework for great discussion whether in the classroom or at home.

Book 2 is already out: The Mystery of the Magic Stones 

Polly and Buster

I thought I couldn’t love this series any more. The political climate in the United States of America can’t seem to get much worse. We are very divided as a nation. This second book especially spoke to me about the power of love and unity over division and fear. Polly find a powerful new ally in her teacher and must stick together with Buster as they brave new and terrifying circumstances.

Generations must put aside the fears and stereotypes they believe to create peace. This includes denying the beliefs of some character’s parents which proves very difficult.

Polly and Buster: The Mystery of Magic Stones is a powerful reminder of peace, love, and bravery. This is a definite must-read for anyone ages 7-107.

Sally Rippin

I had the honor of meeting Sally Rippin at the Usborne Books & More Convention this year.  

This lady is incredible. When her son was diagnosed with dyslexia, Sally knew nothing about it at the time. After learning all she could, she incorporated some key elements into her books that help children with dyslexia. This includes not having hyphenated words ever.

It’s the little things that sometimes sets an author, or any person, apart, and this is definitely true for Sally Rippin.

Polly and Buster

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