UBAM Convention Day 1

UBAM Convention Day 1

The day before Convention was Leader Day. Be sure to check out all the greatest parts of Leader Day here. 

UBAM Convention officially kicked off for all Consultants on Friday, June 27th.



Director Melody Stroud spoke about our mission.

Our Mission Statement is:

The future of our world depends on the education of our children.

We deliver educational excellence one book at a time.

We provide economic opportunity while fostering strong family values.

We touch the lives of children for a lifetime.

UBAM Mission Statement


Melody talked about how our Mission is BIG Enough to cover our dreams.

Some women dreamed of vacations as a family after living through divorce.

Some women were given permission to dream again after letting go of dreams before UBAM.

Melody herself spoke up going on a 2nd honeymoon and Mommy daughter trips through UBAM.

Our Mission is BIG ENOUGH to cover any of your dreams. So what are your dreams?

Christy Wright

Christy Wright was our Keynote Speaker. She’s a certified business coach and works alongside Dave Ramsey empowering women.

She told us to Push through your Fears to Pursue your dreams.

UBAM Convention 2019, Christy Wright quoting Dan Zadra

Terrifying Interview

Christy spoke about a terrifying interview she gave on Fox Business which was way beyond out of her comfort zone. She was on a circular platform with the other members of the panel for that news segment. The staff gave Christy a rolling chair and seconds before the broadcast started, Christy realized her feet didn’t touch the floor and she might roll off any second.

Christy’s team pieced together the news segment showing the look of terror on Christy’s face every time the other guest on the show was speaking. Christy had never been on this type of news show before. She was supposed to talk about the benefits of small business while the other woman was talking about stocks, bonds, and other financial institutions that definitely weren’t Christy’s specialty.


Then, Christy spoke about selling. Selling is FULL of fear! As sellers, many of us play a small game. We’re afraid to talk about money, opportunity.

We stay scared and stay stuck. She spoke of how faith and fear make you believe in something that hasn’t happened… so which are you choosing?

UBAM Convention 2019, Christy Wright Quote

Imposter Syndrome

  • We have a nagging feeling that asks:
    • Who are you to do this?
    • Who do you think you are?
  • More common in Women
  • Traitor of the High Achiever
  • Everyone feels this way!

Fear is a normal part of the journey. Usually, it’s a sign your’e doing something BOLD. Fear means it MATTERS! If you aren’t scared, you don’t care.

Everyone will not LIKE you. You’re not for EVERYONE! Your business with NOT be for everyone!

You’re not fighting for the ones that DISLIKE you. You’re fighting for the ones that MATTER. You’re fighting for the ones that NEED this!

Look out for more about Convention 2019 in my next post!


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