Usborne Books & More Convention 2019

I just got from the this year’s Usborne Books & More Convention.There’s so many new feelings and friends, but I’ll get to that later.

Usborne Books & More Convention 2019

Usborne Books & More Convention 2019

Traveling to Convention

Traveling to Convention was nerve-wracking and invigorating at the same time. I’d never been away for my family for more than a night and this was the very first time I was apart from my 2-year old, Justin. I dropped the boys (2 and 4) off at my parent’s house and headed to the airport.

I was set for a 2:40 flight. Soon after I got there, I tried to find some lunch as fast food is never easy being gluten and dairy free.

I got out my Christy Wright book to start taking notes. Christy Wright was the keynote speaker at this year’s convention. You may know her from working on Dave Ramsey’s team. As I was sitting there in the airport with my pens and highlighter going through The Business Boutique by Christy Wright, my flight got delayed due to weather.

By the time I was on the airplane, it was almost 3 hours after my original flight. It was a small plane, two seats on one side, one on the other. I sat in the aisle with a seat next to me. As a saw these large men coming down the aisle, ducking their heads and apologizing for bumping into people, I was quite thankful for being small.

For the next hour and a half, I talked to this man sitting next to me who has been traveling for a full day from South Africa to Germany to I don’t remember to circling the sky because of weather… to Houston. All of my self-pity washed away.


Walking to Baggage Claim, you could pretty much just assume that anyone wearing Purple belonged to UBAM (Usborne Books & More). I saw around 5 people in purple and sure enough every single one turned out to be a UBAM consultant.


UBAM Convention

I got a ride to my hotel where I’ll skip the fact that it took forever to get into our rooms! I had a lovely conversation about Houston Traffic with the shuttle driver. He’d just moved from Houston a few years before and I live there now. Growing up I lived just about 2 hours from Tulsa, where the Convention took place.

That night I got to meet several consultants and leaders on my team that I’d only seen online. We stayed up til around 1 talking and looking forward to the next day ahead… Leader Day!

Leader Day

One of the reasons I was most excited about Convention was the fact that I was coming as a leader. I got the opportunity to come a day early to hear the speakers including Christy Wright. Before we got to Christy, though, we went over the 30 things we love about our leader and CEO, Randall White.

Randall White

Randall started at the back of the room and got to move up one row for every compliment we heard on the microphone from the stage. Randall went over some of our numbers, how we had 120 million in sales last year. UBAM’s warehouse facilities were one of the top in 2018 and Randall White was featured as one of Publisher Weekly’s Notables of the Year of 2018.

Randall spoke about the company scholarship. UBAM awarded 5 children of UBAM consultants $1,000 scholarships. It’s not hard to believe in UBAM’s mission when you hear how much children’s lives have changed because their mother is a consultant. He read part of one of the essays to us and oh my it was hard to keep it together without sobbing.

Heather Cobb spoke after Randall about reflecting what we’d like to see in our teams. “We must be the change we want to see. Reflection is an on-going process)


Then, we heard from several inspirational leaders. Before leaving for Convention, I found myself not believing that many directors were really human. Their accomplishments seemed impossible. Some promoted all the way to the top in just a few months. I found myself thinking, they must have nannies. They never spend time with their children.

That was one of my biggest ah-ha moments was hearing these leaders speak about their lives, how they got to where they are, and how their lives have changed for the better.

Every speaker had a book paired with their talk. The first book was A Year in my Life.  Most of the talks were about the power of the tiara, which is what you get when you promote to the level of Executive. This year it was so awesome because I got to be there when my upline Jan got her very first tiara!

The takeaway from this first speaker was: Dream Big, Trust your Ideas, and Have fun!

Tina Beal

Another speaker I really enjoyed was Tina Beal, our Director of Communications. She talked about being in a funk. “Embrace the funk. Slow down. Listen.” She had each of us draw a star on our hand in pen. Then we closed our eyes and held up our hands. As we opened our eyes, we could see ourselves surrounded by stars. “When you’re in a funk look at the stars all around you.”

Tina Beal  goes LIVE every Thursday in our Leader Group. She often uses props to connect with us and teach us skills or motivate us in a new way.

Usborne Books & More Convention 2019, Picture with Tina Beal

What about You?

What are your big, hairy, scary dreams that you’re too scared to even say them out loud? Could becoming a Book Lady help you get there? Check out this informational at your own pace to learn more! Right now we have a $30 Kit Special for July only!

More to Come!

This was just my take on Leader Day! Coming up next… day 1 and 2 of the actual start of Convention. See you there!



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