$30 Usborne Books & More Kit Special

$30 Special

This year Usborne Books & More celebrates its 30th anniversary!

For this beautiful partnership between Randall White, CEO of Usborne Books & More and Peter Usborne, founder of Usborne Books, we have an awesome special! This $30 kit includes books worth over $50, plus 1 full catalog, 20 mini catalogs, 6 months of the website, and a branded box featured below.

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Join now through the end of July for only $30. Why? You get 5 beautiful books and a chance to join a passionate and fierce literacy movement.

More children are turning to screens and away from books. Books and reading time creates family bonding, brain development, empathy and so much more!

How can I support you when you join?

I will inspire you and teach why literacy matters and product knowledge, and well as connect you to masters of all the skills needed. Blogging- I can help you. Hostess coaching- more training. Working with schools- I’ll guide you in the right direction.

What if You want to do something that I’m not an expert at?

I’ll connect you with other leaders on my team. I belong to a team of leaders. We all excel in different things, but we work together.

What do You need to bring to the table?

You need to bring your strengths and consistency to this business. Usborne Books & More has so many inspiring books. What you do with them is up to you! I can guide you, but you need to put it into action.

Check out this list of 6 ways to start off strong in your new book business!


Join today

Be a reading hero to the children in your life and the children you haven’t even met yet. Empower women like you to make an income while working or staying home. Change lives and promote literacy with me! For more information on your own time, check this out!

Feel free to email me at thereadingscoop@gmail.com with any questions you might have.


Usborne Books & More Kit

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