Easter Books

Books for Easter

Easter is just around the corner. Now is a great time to get books for Easter Baskets! Here are a few of my new favorites!

Check out these must-have books for Easter. Fill Easter baskets this year with books instead of candy! #easterbooks #easter #books http://thereadingscoop.com

Easter Books for babies and 1-year-olds

Books for Easter


Poppy and Sam’s Easter Egg Hunt $9.99

Poppy and Sam are back with a fun new adventure: Easter eggs! Look through the holes throughout this book and spot Easter eggs along with farm animals. Be on the lookout for the yellow duck just like the other Farmyard Tales books. Great for 6 months and up!

books for Easter

Are you there little bunny? $9.99

These peek-through books surprise again and again. You think it looks like bunny hiding, but it’s not! Who could it be? Enjoy this sweet book with your child for $9.99. Also available in Spanish. 
books for Easter

That’s Not My Chick $9.99

This is one of the newest “That’s Not My” Books! What an adorable touchy-feely edition for Easter!

Books for Easter


Nursery Rhymes $7.99

The fold-out books are perfect for young babies spending a lot of time on their stomachs for tummy time. Start reading Nursery Rhymes young!

Books for Easter

Easter Books for a 2-year-old

Books for Easter


Baby’s Very First Tractor Book $8.99

This book is the sequel to Baby’s Very First Bus Book! Toy and book in one! The wheels really move and the story is adorable, too!

Books for Easter


All Better $12.99

One of our best sellers, All Better, is filled with animals, bandages, and injuries. Put them all together and make them all better! Check out the other book just like All Better featured as the last book on this list!

Easter Baskets by Age


My First 100 Words $15.99

Practice describing pictures early on with this beautifully illustrated book. Never run out of concepts to teach with My First 100 Words.

Easter Baskets by Age


Easter Books for a 3-year-old

Easter Books by Age

Easter Flap Book $7.99

Beautiful illustrations and cute bunnies with lots of flaps throughout the book. Perfect addition for any 3-5 year old in their Easter Basket.

books for Easter

Who’s Wearing a Hat? $6.99

This adorable and sturdy book is great for babies-3 year-olds. Ask lots of questions in this rhyming gem. This book is also available in Spanish! 

Easter Baskets by Age


Big Book of Big Animals $14.99

I love animal books! And the Big Books do NOT disappoint either. Each big book comes with 4 giant fold-out pages. Facts and beautiful pictures fill each page with lots of learning to come!

Big Book of Big Animals


Colorful World: Prehistoric $5.99

Every page is these board books has a puzzle to solve. Find what’s different or make up your own puzzle. My own son loves these books!

Easter Baskets by Age


The Easter Story $9.99

This hardback book is awesome for telling the Easter story in a child-friendly way.

books for Easter


Hope you enjoyed these goodies for Easter Baskets by Age! New Titles Come Out Soon! I’ll be sharing first in my community! Come join us there!


Other Great Options for the Easter Basket

What is I know my Feelings? $8.99

books for Easter

The What-if Monster is back with this adorable board book. Children will learn all about feelings and what to do about them in this book! Another What if Book is up next!


What if I know my Opposites? $8.99

books for Easter

Join the Whatif Monsters for a fun practice of opposites and colors. You’ll love this new What If board book!


Animals Magic Painting Book $9.99

books for Easter

A new addition to the Magic Painting Family is here! Enjoy painting these beautiful animal pictures without the mess. All you need is water. (Paintbrush is included.)


Kisses, Cuddles, and Good Night! $12.99

books for Easter

If you love the reusable bandages in the sweet book All Better, you’ll love this new bedtime story. Match the characters with their loveys to help them fall asleep.

Hope you enjoyed these goodies for Easter Baskets by Age! New Titles are always around the corner! I’ll be sharing first in my community! Come join us there!


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