Usborne Book Subscription Box

Exciting news in the book world! Usborne Books & More is now offering Book Subscription Boxes! These make awesome gifts for upcoming birthdays and holidays!

When are these book subscriptions available?

The first set of boxes is available for ordering now. Order now until December 31st. The book boxes will ship in January, February, and March.

What in included in this book subscription box?

Each shipment will include 4 books plus a bonus gift each month.


Book Subscription Box

How do I order?

Simple! Just go to my website  and click book boxes on the left-hand side shown below.

Book Subscription Box

Then, choose the corresponding age for your order.

Book Subscription Box

How much does it cost?

The cost is $100 for around $130 in books plus a bonus gift with each box. Each book box comes in a special box so you and your children will know right when it comes.

Can these count toward my hostess rewards?

Yes! When you have an Usborne Books & More party, your guests can order these book boxes. For now the first order will be starting now through December 31st. I’ll keep you updated with the next book box when it’s announced.

Do I get to choose my books?

No, Home Office will choose new gender-neutral titles so that you will not be getting your well-loved Usborne and Kane Miller Books you already own! With new books coming out every few months, you just may be the first to get your hands on brand-new titles!

Extra Information

  • You will be eligible for customer specials using this book subscription box as long as your order is through a party instead of a book fair.
  • Coming soon! You will soon have the option to ship book subscription boxes to different addresses. For now though, you will have one order for each shipping address.


I can’t wait to see what’s in this first shipment of books come January! You can order your first subscription here.  I’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions, email me at

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