New Usborne Books

Fall is one of my favorite times for books and this October we have brand new Usborne books for all ages! Be sure to join my community to see some of these books LIVE.

New Usborne and Kane Miller Books


Babies and Toddler Books

Where’s the Little Mouse?

2018 Usborne Books

This book is perfect for babies and preschoolers with lots of discussion, questioning, and prompting through this adorable rhyming book. $6.99

Colorful World: Construction Site

2018 Usborne Titles*

Welcome to the world of Construction! Find something that stands  from everything else on every page. This sweet board book is perfect for preschoolers. $5.99

Colorful World: Vehicles

2018 Usborne Books*

What’s different and what’s the same on every page? Great practice and discovery for ages 2-4. $5.99


Picture Books

Fox’s Box

2018 Usborne Books*

This is the perfect book for celebrating and everyone loves a good rhyme! $9.99

Mind your Manners

2018 Usborne Books*

It’s not just children that need to learn to mind their manners! Animals do, too. Your child can learn about softer voices and more in this sweet story. Hardback $12.99

Dragon Post

2018 Usborne Books*

From the author of Nibbles, you’ll love this new book! Alex finds a dragon living in his house and doesn’t have any idea how to take care of his new friend. Enjoy the fun he discovers as he opens letters telling him what to do with his dragon and laugh along with Alex’s adventures. $14.99

Just So Stories

2018 Usborne Books

Why are Kangaroos so jumpy? How did leopards get their spots? Answers these questions and more in this book of 6 “just so” stories. $14.99



Rubber Stamp Animal Activities

2018 Usborne Books

Follow simple instructions to create all kinds of animals including koalas, flamingos, fish, kangaroos, and many more! Great for ages 4 and up. $19.99

Little Transfer Book Unicorns

2018 Usborne Books

Bring unicorns to life with over 600 transfers using a pen or pencil. $9.99

Little Sparkly Sticker Book

2018 Usborne Books

Enjoy over 100 stickers in this sparkly and magical sticker book! $8.99

Animal Crosswords

2018 Usborne books

For ages 6 and up, this crossword puzzle book will stretch the brain and allow spelling and word practice. $4.99 each.

Mermaid Embroidery Kit

2018 Usborne Books

This kit contains all materials and instructions needed to embroider, hang, and frame an embroidered mermaid. Recommended for ages 7+ $12.99

Unicorn Embroidery Kit

2018 Usborne Books

This kit contains all materials and instructions needed to embroider, hang, and frame an embroidered unicorn. Recommended for ages 7+ $12.99

Engineering Scribble Book

2018 Usborne Books

Discover how engineers think and solve in this hands-on activity book. Learn, build, sketch, and more! $12.99

Science Scribble Book

2018 Usborne Books

Think like a scientist in this hands-on activity book. Invent, explore, investigate, and discover all kinds of new things! This activity journal is $12.99.




Ella Diaries:

Friendship S.O.S.

2018 Usborne Books*

Ella is on a cruise but when a friendship fiasco happens, her vacation may be ruined. Ages 8-12. $5.99

Worst Camp Ever

2018 Usborne Books*

Ella worries that this schools camp she was looking forward to might just be a scary, not so-good time. Join in this adventure with Ella for $5.99

Friends not Forever

2018 Usborne Books*

Oh boy. Peach Parker is back and Ella’s chances to get the prized part in the play might not work out. Join Ella, Zoe, and Peach Parker in this addition to the popular series for $5.99



The Midnight Peacock

2018 Usborne Books*

This is the fourth of the Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow series. Sophie and Lil are spending their holidays with the craziest mystery yet! $6.99 Ages 11+

Witches Feast

2018 Usborne Books*

Tallulah has one last chance to stay in the witches’ circle. Will she come through with a fabulous feast in time. Enjoy this enchanting paperback for $5.99


The Complete Jane Austen

2018 Usborne Books

This beautiful collection contains 6 stories and one smaller one including: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion and Lady Susan. $24.99




2018 Usborne Books*

You and your children will love this book. Compare the size of your eye with a squid. How big is your mouth compared to a tiger’s? Lifesize shows us the actual size of many animals we love! $16.99

History of Science in 100 Pictures

2018 Usborne books

Learn about amazing advances through scientific discoveries in 100 pictures!


Phew! That’s all our new titles just from this October 2018. Which one will you add to your next purchase? Join my community to see many of these LIVE.

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**I am an Usborne Books & More Consultant as well as a Mom and a Former Third Grade Reading Teacher. Usborne Publishing Ltd. (UK) has no connection with these pages and does not sponsor or support their content.

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