Fun with Paper Planes

My son Brandon and I needed to fill the time today so I got out my go-to activity books! Today we had fun with paper planes! Brandon is 3 and he enjoyed mostly testing the paper planes out. Older children would enjoy actually making the paper planes.

Fun with Paper Planes. Have some indoor fun with this activity! Learning with some extra fun! #thereadingscoop

This paper plane book has 4 different varieties of planes to create. The flap in the front of the book give step-by-step directions for each type of paper plane.

Fun with paper planes

Each paper plane in the book is labeled with a different paper plane color. Each color corresponds with a particular type of paper plane. Some go fast as others glide. I’ll show you one of each type.

Paper Planes

First Brandon and I worked together to fold this Squid looking paper plane which was in the Dart category.

Paper Planes

We thoroughly enjoyed this first one in the process. This paper plane reminded me the most of ones I’ve made myself in the past. I really appreciate the lines  on the paper to make sure the folds are as accurate as possible. This makes the best paper planes! Some many different patters- colorful and fun! This squid one we especially loved. The eyes really stood out. Plus, we just read a book about sea animals yesterday!

Paper Planes

After the Dart, we moved on to the Coaster. This one was less exciting, but still fun.

Paper Planes

From the Coaster, we moved to the Shuttle. This one shot forward pretty quickly.

Paper Planes

After the Coaster, we moved to the Mantis. This was by far my favorite. Brandon was amazed as it shot far across to the other side of the room. I definitely enjoyed this one.

Paper Planes

We create paper planes every couple of months to keep it fresh and switch out other activities.

All of our paper planes books include all of these pictured below. Find all activities books here.

What are some of your favorite activities to do with your children?

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Looking for an awesome indoor activity? Play with paper planes! Learning and playing in one. #thereadingscoop #paperplanes #childhood

Looking for a new activity? Try out these fun and different paper planes. Coming with 4 varieties, you can switch it up with new designs every time. Work together with your little one. #thereaedingscoop #activities




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