10 ways to work with schools and libraries

10 ways to work with schools and libraries through

Usborne Books & More

Working with schools and libraries is one of the thrills of being and Usborne Books & More consultant. To work with school and libraries, you must become an Educational Service Representative, which takes an extra certification. Then you sign up for schools so that everyone knows who is responsible for contacting and working with each school or library.

schools and libraries

1. Fundraisers

We have an incredible fundraiser for schools or the groups within a school. Cards for a Cause is a quick and easy fundraiser to put together and 40% of the boxes of cards sold would go back to the group fundraising. Work with your school’s PTA to find out he needs of the school. Find out what smaller groups exist within the school. For example, would any clubs or grade levels need separate fundraisers? Also, be sure to talk to the school’s secretary. School secretaries and receptions know the majority of the talk going on at the school. If a particular teacher or group is looking for a fundraiser, they are likely to know.

2. Book Fair

Through our book fairs, schools and libraries will get 50% of sales in free books. Many schools love our book fairs because we only have books. We don’t have extra posters or trinkets, so students spend their money on the best and most important thing, books.

Book Fairs start at $250 and can go up to thousands in sales. Book Fairs are great for interacting with the students and meeting more of the school faculty.

3. $5 Book Days

$5 Book Days are one of my absolute favorite ways to work with schools. Think book fairs but smaller and less complicated. For a $5 Book Day, you bring $5-$7 books to a school. All books cost students and staff a flat $5. Then, the school also makes 25% in Free Books.

4. Book Displays

Teachers love Usborne and Kane Miller books for school and for their own children. Offer to set up a Book Display in the teacher’s lounge for a week in December. The school will earn 50% back from orders over $250!

5. Reach for the Stars

This Reading Incentive Program is great for schools! Get pledges for reading a certain amount. Read, read, read, and collect the money for reading. 100% of the money collected goes back to the students and/or school in books.

6. Literacy for a Lifetime

Using grant or outside funds (not budgeted money), Literacy for a Lifetime matches the collected funds 50%. Receive a grant for $2,000 worth of books through Usborne Books & More and receive an extra $1,000 worth of books.

7. Booths

Working a booth at a school is an awesome way to both make some money and make contacts at the school at the same time. Reach out to the PTA while you’re there. Make contacts with the parents and any local families. You never know where a referral may lead you next!

8 Meet with various personnel throughout the school.

Show the speech pathologist our books that help with story telling. Meet with the Math facilitator about our Math Dictionaries. Meet with the Reading Facilitator about our anthologies and Read with Usborne Books and well as our Nonfiction Beginners.

9. Reach out to principal and assistant principal to be sure they are aware of all of our programs.

Many times administration, similar to the receptionist and secretary, may be able to direct you to the right people to talk to. School administration is super busy though, so respect their time. Email may be the best way to reach them. Be consistent with your follow-up so they know who you are and what you can offer.

10. Think outside the box.

Offer to do a Storytime at the library or in a pre-k classroom with you say ooh I say ahh. Have storytimes at a brewery, a donut shop, or a resale shop. There are so many ways to work with these schools and libraries. Just think, you may come up with the next big idea!

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