The Best Training for Direct Sellers

Are you looking to up your game as a direct seller? This group will give you the BEST training for Direct Sellers! Look no further than Brenda Ster and the Facebook Group, Suite Sassypants.


It would be easier to list what I don’t get from this group, than what I do gain, but I’ll try in my list below.


  1. An additional upline- this is a group of experts and people in the same boat as you ready to give advice to succeed in the direct sales field. These pantsters are also ready to cheer you on when you’re successful and see you through when you’re having a less than wonderful day. Plus, you’ll learn and hear from Brenda herself, an incredible direct sales coach. Coming from direct sales herself and excelling in it greatly in her time with Origami Owl, she has walked the walked.
  2. Another reason to join The Pants… The Graphics Pack! Every month I greatly look forward to seeing the new graphics pack that we get to make our very own. The graphics come as part of the membership for this group. We can then add our own branding and words or products. Here’s an example of a graphics pack below. This was from the July pack. Sometimes it’s digital paper and other times it’s pictures and words to add-on to our graphics.

Best Training for Direct Sellers

Best Training for Direct Sellers

Here’s the pack for this August!! I host a donut storytime, so I’m especially loving August’s pack!

Best Training for Direct Sellers


3. Monthy Sales Strategy Meeting- Brenda herself will tell you this monthly meeting pays for the whole membership all by itself. Make your goals and work through exactly how you are going to see them through. Work with your other sassy sisters to crush your goals! Remember to bring your calendar, calculator, and of course print off one of Brenda’s nifty handouts before you attend!

The best training for direct sellers

4. 6 month training– Leave at any time. You can pay for just one month, stay for 6 months, or come and go as you please. The 6 month arc is well-thought out to give you the biggest bang for your buck. You’ll love the growth you see and the confidence you’ll build through this phenomenal group.

5. Daily Tip of the Day- How could I forget? We have Coaching from the Sassy Suite Staff and Guest Coaches every day of the week. Sometimes Brenda will give you the best advice ever. Her tips usually come with a super-handy printable to put a plan into action. Sometimes Windy will speak to you and other times these guest coaches will just blow you away! 

6. Weekends are for Ketchup- You have the weekends to look forward to catching up on anything you might have missed. Oh, and you’ll get LOTS of ketchup jokes. Things are punny in Brenda’s pants. Enjoy all the pants jokes and always ketchup jokes on the weekends!

The best training for direct sellers


7. Is it Mindset you’re looking for? This group has got it. Surround yourself with people that are doing this business in a non-spammy way and succeeding to make direct sales better! In this group, Brenda (Mama Pants) and Windy (Sister Pants) are direct sales coaches but part life coaches too, reminding you to focus on your why when times are tough.

Now this one is not formally offered through the group, but I’ve definitely gained accountability through Brenda’s Pants. I’ve found several accountability partners through this amazing group. I now have people that have become my friends. We check in on each other daily on our tasks and goals to make sure we are following through with our tasks and ambitions.

So what are you waiting for? Come join Brenda’s Pants with the rest of us! You won’t regret it! Be sure to come say hi once you join! See you there.

That’s the Reading Scoop,


P.S. All the graphics above were created with the graphics pack included with the Pants.

P.P.S. Remember…

Best Training for Direct Sellers


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