Reading Order of Usborne and Kane Miller Books

Some chapter books need to be read in order, while others need can be read in any order.

Reading Order of Usborne and Kane Miller Books

Which Usborne and Kane Miller Books need to be read in order?

As an Usborne Books & More Consultant, this is a question I get fairly often. There are three categories. Read them in order, just read the first book first, and order does not matter. With our extensive list of over 2,000 titles, it’s easy to get lost in these beautiful books.

Reading Order of Usborne and Kane Miller Books


Read These in Order

I Am Jack

The Impossible Quest

This five book series is an awesome and suspenseful read!

Kuromori Chronicles


For your graphic novel lovers, here is a great series for any comic lover. This will have your little ones laughing. Great for school age and even preschool aged children!



Read the First one First, then in any Order (Though not essential to read in order, it may help introduce the storytime and characters)

Fairy Ponies

Fairy Unicorns

Secret Mermaid

Pony-Crazed Princess

Sandy Lane Stables

Anna Habiscus

EJ12 Girl Hero

The Mythical 9th Division

Bear Grylls Series– Cute and quick read. Watch as these everyday children get hoisted into adventures with Bear Grylls! The characters learn all kinds of survival skills that will keep your child entertained!

Billie B. Brown Mysteries

Billy and the Mini Monsters



Order Matters Even Less for these Books

Penny Dreadful

Billie B. Brown

Billie B. Brown and Hey Jack are awesome starting chapter books. The print is bigger, they still have a few pictures and the author, Sally Rippin makes sure there are no hyphenated words to cause reading confusion. Also, great vocabulary words are bolded.

Hey Jack!

Extreme Adventures

This series is always super popular at my book fairs for 2nd-5th grade students!

Pet Vet


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