10 things You will Love about Sqweee

Have you heard of Facebook? Ever heard of Facebook parties? Ok, now forget everything you know about them!

Sqweee is different. Sqweee is amazing. Here’s more than 10 awesome things you can do with sqweee.

Spice up your Direct Sales Parties

Direct Sales Parties

For you as a Consultant

1. You can forget about Pre-Party Posts! How relaxing is that? Pre-party posts have been dragging me down lately, so I was a little relieved to know there was no such thing in Sqweee.

2. You can import a party you’ve already created. Save your time and share among your team.

3. Easily choose the type of post you’re going to create: video, picture, picture and text, poll, eight-ball game, or game-wheel.

3. Two games are already included in Sqweee. Choose a variety of ways to use these for promotional and interactive posts.

4. Chat!!! Just like being with your friends at a home party, the conversation is ongoing.

5. Refer your downline to use Sqweee. For every three people you refer, you get a free month of Sqweee.

6. Set it up and press “Start this event.” Then sit back and enjoy the party with your guests as you chat away in the chat section.

7. You can easily speed the party up or slow it down.

8. Lock the posts so late comers stay with the party (so they can’t go backwards to previous posts.) Then, after the party ends, unlock the posts so everyone can go find their favorite part to re-watch.

9. Connect all your products to you as a consultant using your consultant id. Then, go a step further and connect them to a particular party you’ve created on your direct sales site.

Benefits for the Consultant and Guests

10. Your guests can star their favorite products throughout the party. Then, at the end, they’ll see a list of their favorite items.

11. Need to step away to grab a drink? A ding will let your guest know a brand new post is up!

12. Unlike Facebook’s party posts, this is one continuous line. Make sure your guests are ON TIME.

13. There will be NO MASS adding with Sqweee, so these parties should be intimate and personal, much like a home party!

How to set Apart your Sqweee Party

  1. Brand Yourself. Set your personality apart from all the other consultants in your company.
  2. Hostess Coaching is key! Prepare your hostess so she knows what to expect. Remember, change is hard. We’re so used to Facebook. Give your hostess the necessary steps to success: personally inviting and encouraging guests to RSVP and fill out the RSVP survey.
  3. Use your own pictures, graphics, and videos when you can. Start out slow and add more when it makes sense.

How excited are you to SQWEEE?

direct sales parties

Haven’t signed up yet?

Sign up at Sqweee.com and then join the supportive Facebook group for Sqweee members here. 

Once you run your first Sqweee party, let me know how it goes!

That’s the Reading Scoop,


Here are some views of the party from the phone.

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