New Party Platform

You will LOVE this new party platform: Sqweee!

New Party Platform

Sqweee lets go of the worst parts of Facebook Parties and introduces the best parts of Home Parties.


The 5 Best Things about Sqweee for the Guest:

  1. There is nothing for the guest to download! Just give them the link and they’ll go straight to the event.
  2. Guests can pick their favorite products throughout the party. They will star the ones they like. These will be compiled in a list of favorites at the end of the party for easy access.
  3. The chat feature is awesome! Easily talk to the whole group just like you would in a home party or click on someone’s name to have individual chats.
  4. Each product directly links to the consultants website through the particular party they are attending, so no more ordering through the wrong party!
  5. There is a ding when a new post comes up. This will help you make the most of your time and find the best products that are perfect for you!

New party platform

The 5 Best Things about Sqweee for the Consultant:

  1. Easily create a reusable script and save for later.
  2. Create and share amongst your team easily with a simple code.
  3. Because guests will have fewer distractions, guests will more than likely participate and shop more!
  4. Two fun and easily interchangeable games are included in the party. One is a magic eight ball. Just think of the many ways you could use this!
  5. Easily keep and save information about your guests including their favorite products.

New Party Platform

Set yourself apart with Sqweee. I’d love to see how you use it! Keep in touch! You’re invited to join my online community at The Reading Scoop.¬†

Now that you’ve heard several reasons to try out Sqweee, you can start your Free Trial here. Be sure to include my referral code¬†13MJM9 so Sqweee will know who sent you!

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