Books that Build Confidence

This month in my Community of Readers here at the Reading Scoop, we’re exploring all kinds of emotions. We’ve started with ways to build confidence with the books we’re reading.

For Younger Readers

Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster

Books that Build Confidence

We all have a Whatif Monster in our lives. Miss Michelle, the author of this books even did, too! Her husband inspired her to write this book about the Whatif Monster we all have in our lives.

Instead of the bad whatifs in our lives, focus on the GREAT whatifs instead! This is a super cute story with a phenomenal message!

Books that Build Confidence

Books are an awesome vacation from the present and they can be a peek into our future. These books show how our mindset can change our world if we let it! From little children to adults, a great story can and will make a difference!

Books that Build Confidence

One more great story to build your confidence!


Books that Build Confidence

Cordelia believes she can fly… until she starts listening to the negative voices around her. Everyone can learn something from Cordelia, no matter the age. Cordelia learns to push past her fears despite what other people think.

Books that Build Confidence

Believing in yourself even though others around you may not is SUCH a hard concept for both children and adults. That’s why words of encouragement or words of affirmation are so vital to strengthening our self-concept.

Pink Lion

Books that Build Confidence

Arnold is a pink lion that lives with a group of flamingos. He doesn’t think about who he is until he’s challenged to reconsider his identity by a group of lions. Arnold transforms from a lion confused about his identity to a lion that’s confident and brave. 

Everyone will enjoy this sweet book and do their best RROOOOOARRR along with it! 

For Older Readers 7+

Mindful Kids Series

Hello, Happy!

Books that Build Confidence

Hello, Happy! works through emotions and helps older children define and understand their emotions. Appropriate for ages 8+.

No Worries

Books that Build Confidence

No Worries! is a workbook for older children that feel anxious or stressed easily. Appropriate for ages 8+.

Stay Strong

Books that Build Confidence

Stay Strong is a workbook for children who are experiencing bullying. It works through building confidence and standing up for yourself. Appropriate for ages 8+.

Be Brave

Books that Build Confidence

Be Brave is a workbook for children that feel scared or afraid. The workbook goes through reacting to difficult situations.  Appropriate for ages 8+.

Polly and Buster

The Wayward Witch and the Feelings Monster

Polly and Buster

Polly and Buster are the main characters in an inspirational new series by Sally Rippin.

Polly is a witch and Buster is a monster. These two are not supposed to mix at all, which is a big problem because Polly and Buster are sweet sweet friends that look out for each other.

After a popular witch befriends Polly, Polly loses sight of what’s important and hurts Buster in the process.

Follow Polly and she learns and grows in the first book of the series. Great for ages 7+.

The Mystery of the Magic Stones

Polly and Buster

In the second book of the series, Polly and Buster’s friendship is back to normal, but now they’re being chased by witches. Polly and Buster find a strong ally is Polly’s favorite teacher.

Polly uses the magic stones left by her late father to discover hidden and haunted mines. Polly and Buster have lots of decisions to make. Do they take the safe route or risk it all?

Join Polly and Buster in this great adventure as they learn how to trust themselves and help a community in need. Great for ages 7+.

Cordelia and the Whale

Books that Build Confidence

In this sequel to Cordelia (shown in the younger children section of this post), follow Cordelia, an 11-year old introvert whose world magically changes when she encounters a whale that seems to know her so well! Learn more about Michelle Nelson-Schmidt and her great whale adventure. Plus, learn about how she stayed at my house!

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