Usborne Customer Specials

If you’re looking for a great deal with some amazing books, look no further than the latest Customer Specials!

Usborne Customer Specials

What is Poop? is one of our household favorites and an awesome book to read around the age of potty training. It shows how poop goes into the toilet and then down into pipes under our homes. It makes flushing the toilet that much more fun.

What are Germs? goes together nicely with What is Poop? These 2 books offered at half off is INCREDIBLE! Jump on this great deal.

The next option is The Sticker Dolly Dressing Design Studio. This was a hit with my 4 year-old niece! According to our website, it contains, “over 200 stickers, 25 sheets of patterned paper, 3 stencils, over 100 rub-down transfers, a pink pen, a fine-line black pen, and a special book to inspire you and for you to create your designs in. ” I would have LOVED this when I was younger and I know so many young girls 4 all the way up to teen that would absolutely devour this customer special.

These are just two of the customer specials offered right now. These deals will go FAST! They usually do, when the options contain so much savings.

How can you take advantage?  You could either put in a $40 order. OR, host a party and offer this awesome Customer Special with your friends!

Would you rather host a Facebook Party with a summer theme or an ice cream theme? A Taco Bout Books theme? Whatever theme it is, let’s have fun getting some girls together while we chat about some adorable books!

When is the best time of year to grab books? The right answer is anytime. Do you have any summer birthdays in your family? Baby showers? Summer boredom? These books are awesome to keep learning present and foremost during this time of year!

Before you go, I’d LOVE to have you in my community! Join the readers in the Reading Scoop!


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