5 Tips to Rock your $5 Book Day

You’ve joined the greatest direct sales company! Now what? Have you heard of the $5 Book Day? This is an awesome way to work with local schools in your area.

5 Tips to Rock your $5 Book Day

Here are 5 tips I’ve used to create an awesome $5 Book Day

$5 Book Day Success

Use Consignment to get Great Titles

Use your consignment to get $5, $6, and $7 titles. Be sure to make use of sets to save even more money. You will reconcile your consignment when getting the schools free books.

Remember the school will receive 25% in Free Books instead of the usual 50% through a book fair. This is because of the additional savings that go directly to the students.

Choose Titles Strategically

Did you know pink sells better than not pink? If there are books in a series, get the first in the series because it’s the first and then get pink because, well, it’s pink!

Some of the Extreme Adventures sell better than others. For me, Shark Bait sells better than the rest because it looks scarier.

After a $5 Book Day, keep a log of what sold and what didn’t so you can adjust for future $5 Book Days.


Advertise through stickers, flyers, and the school’s Facebook page if they have one.

Get the $5 stickers from Order Pro for the students to wear home the day before the Book Day. Also, get the $5 Book Day Posters while you’re at it. The school can hang these up in the hall.

There are flyers for purchase in the back office to go home with the students. Personally, I create my own to ensure that the titles shown will definitely be at the Book Day. There’s a sample flyer from this year below.

Austin New $5 Book Day PDF

Lastly, contact the librarian or person you’re working with to find out the contact for the school’s Facebook page. Create an enticing graphic to post on their page or post on your Facebook Business Page and have the school share on the school’s Facebook Page.

5 Tips to Rock your $5 Book Day

The school will also advertise through announcements and their newsletter to get the most Free Books possible. Don’t be afraid to ask how they usually advertise events!

Preview Day

Have a Preview Day, especially if this is the school’s first $5 Book Day. This gets the students and staff excited to get these books. You’ll definitely have a bigger success with a preview day, but if not, every year will get better in sales!

Allow Student Ordering

Unless you’re ordering thousands of dollars in consignment, a title might run out. Allow students to order a title if that title runs out. This can work one of two ways.

With a Preview Day

If students absolutely loved a particular book during the preview day, they will remember that book.

At my last $5 Book Day, a student said, “There was a pink book right there,” as she pointed to the end of the table. I knew exactly which title she wanted.

Without a Preview Day

Without a preview day, you should put a little sticky note or a bookmark on the last book to let you know it’s the last copy. Keep the last copy out for everyone to see. If they want to order it, write their name, teacher’s name and the title down. (I created a list on excel of the teachers ahead of time to save a little time.)

My last $5 Book Day I had 16 books ordered through the students. Most of these were 4th or 5th graders, which I expected. They receive their books when the school gets their Free Books.


I hope you enjoyed my tips! Stay in touch!

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