6 ways to Rock your Usborne Books & More Business

6 ways to rock your Usborne Books & More Business

Home Parties

Home Parties are cozy and fun! Girls Nights, Wine, and Books! After introductions, have each guest pick up a book to share with the whole group. This will get everyone thinking and talking about the books!

Home Parties are great for getting one-on-one time in with the guests. They’re also awesome for a night away- for both the guests, the host, and the consultant!

Enjoy your Home Parties!

*Helpful Tips: Think small when packing for a home party. Less is More. Bring a small variety of books to keep a simple fun, atmosphere without being overwhelming.

6 ways to rock your Usborne Books & More Business

Facebook Parties

Who doesn’t love a party right from home, on your phone, and in your pjs? I love Facebook Parties. Fun, without the hassle of a home party. No getting all dolled up. Just plan out the posts and get ready to rock your party.

Want to up your Facebook game? Check out this AWESOME training! It definitely took my Facebook parties to the next level with fun themes. A few of the themes I have personally worked are Romantic Comedies (for February), Christmas, New Year/New You, and 90s. There are so many ways to go with these fun themes using the same format taught in this training. 

*Helpful tips:

Plan out your games before hand and get information on the party guests from the hostess before the party. Go LIVE to spark some party engagement. Want to up your game with great hostess coaching? Check out this amazing training as well!

Now there’s an even easier way to party with Sqweee. Check out more information here.

Vendor events

Vendor events are an awesome way to get out of your warm market and meet some new people. My favorite vendor events are in the fall, usually held at a school carnival. Vendor events are also awesome leading up to Christmas. Just before Christmas is an amazing time to sell books. People are ready to stock up for their children and grandchildren.

*Helpful tips:

Be sure to bring a good supply of inventory as well as booth slips and business cards. Also, make friends with the other vendors! You never know what connections might come from it!

Schools and Libraries

Oh my goodness! I could go on and on (but I won’t ;)… ) about all the ways to work with Schools and Libraries. To see the detailed list, check out my blog focused specifics on Schools and Libraries.

Different possibilities include:

  • Author Visits
  • Books Fairs
  • $5 Book Days
  • Reach for the Stars, a reading incentive program
  • Literacy for the Lifetime, a grant program used for Free Books

As a former teacher, I love working with schools. I love seeing a child’s face light up with learning. That’s what I miss as a teacher, seeing the lightbulb moment. I love the fact that I’m still able to contribute to literacy and life-long learning while still staying home with my babies. 

6 ways to rock yourUsborne Books & More business

Storytime at a local boutique

This is one way that excited me most! Find a local retail or resale shop that regularly brings in new customers with their children. I found a local shop that even has a space devoted to childhood and play. I get to read stories to the children that come and then chat with their moms as they browse a bit of my selection.

This is a win-win for my business and the shop’s!


Cards for a Cause is the best fundraiser I’ve ever seen! 30 embellished greeting cards come in a beautiful box with dividers. Sell these boxes for $30 each, or $1 per card. These cards would sell for $3 or $4 in the stores!

Then, the organization makes $13 per box sold. Imagine the groups you could help through this fundraiser!

This past December I helped a Moms Groups raise over $300 to sponsor a family for Christmas. They were able to get the family of four set for the Christmas holidays!

6 ways to rock you Usborne Books & More Business

Do you believe in the power of literacy? Every year men and women across this great country choose to join Usborne Books & More in our powerful literacy movement. They join for different reasons: believing in a strong mission, making new friends, learning and growing as a person, building a huge home library, and more!  Learn more about why you should join my team! 


6 ways to rock your Usborne Books & More Business

Are you ready to join? Check out the latest UBAM kit options here. 

**I am an Usborne Books & More Consultant as well as a Mom and a Former Third Grade Reading Teacher. Usborne Publishing Ltd. (UK) has no connection with these pages and does not sponsor or support their content.

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