Meet Illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg

It’s always great to meet awesome experts in your field. I work as an Educational Service Representative for Usborne Books & More. One of the best parts of being a book lady,  is interacting with authors and illustrators.

Melanie Hope Greenberg

Over the past few weeks I’ve chatted with  illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg. Melanie graciously offered to come into my VIP Group to have a Question and Answer Session. I was blown away from this offer from an illustrator of over 16 books!!!


Even better, we sell one of her beautiful picture books, Americanly. Americanly, written by Lynn Parrish Sutton, is a sweet rhyming book describing many of the most beautiful landmarks of America. The whimsical illustrations match the playful text perfectly.

Meet Illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg

Question & Answer Session

Melanie definitely has a passion for what she does. In our question and answer session, my group members and I learned that Melanie is self-taught and loves drawing pretty much everything. We also learned a little about the illustrating process. I never knew publishers put authors and illustrators together. Illustrators and authors don’t contact each other for various jobs, at least in Melanie’s case.

It was amazing to be able to share Melanie with my group! Several people asked Melanie questions and found the answers fascinating. I myself am keeping this Question & Answer Session in my group for new members to discover. I can also pass on this new knowledge to aspiring illustrators I meet during my school visits.


Childhood can be so stressful these days with testing and even world problems. Sometimes we need a little more childhood and a little less stress. I like Melanie’s illustrations for this reason. They’re sweet and calming. Melanie often shares her illustrations on her Facebook page if you’re interested.

As a mom, a reader, a teacher, and a dreamer, I love any opportunity to work with or learn from an enthusiast in their field. Many other book ladies would be lucky to learn from her as well.

Meet Illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg

Book Ladies, Authors, Illustrators, and Publishers all work towards the same goal in the work of Children’s Literature. We work to inspire children and  pass on literature to the next generation. I will follow Melanie’s work and look forward to future encounters as well as future books!

If you would like to learn more about Melanie Hope Greenberg, read this!

If you would like to hear storytime from me featuring new titles, join my group!



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