Do I Have Time for Direct Sales?

So many people feel they don’t have time for direct sales or the gym or cooking or basically anything. A lot of times I’m one of these people.

You may not have a lot of time, but direct sales may not require as much time as you think.

Work when you Can

I work mostly during nap time. I stay at home with my two boys, so my time is definitely limited. With a toddler and baby, my attention is mostly elsewhere.

Work Smarter, not Harder

Work Smarter, not harder.  Stick to a reasonable and flexible schedule. Do Money Tasks First Every Single Time.

Fit in small tasks in between activities or your everyday life. Carve out time for larger tasks especially parties. Have a to-do list close by your laptop or working station. My laptop is on our kitchen island just because it makes it that much easier to work quickly throughout the day without devoting a large amount of time while my boys are around and awake.

Also, get an accountability partner or a group to join that will keep you going. My accountability partner and I check in daily to keep each other working hard to crush our goals.

Do I have Time for Direct Sales?

Build Relationships

So much of direct sales is misunderstood and seen as spammy! Shame on these direct sellers. We are creating a service and a business, so we shouldn’t be prying or begging!

Our number one goal should be to build relationships. Build relationships where you are. At work, in your Moms Groups, at church, and wherever else you already are!

Just like you would recommend your friend that does awesome massages, is the best tax attorney or you know the best plumber in the area, people will recommend you for your service and the product you sell.

Passion Sells

My passions lie in education, child development, and reading. When you sell books through Usborne Books & More, you can very easily and naturally talk to people through your passion.

Each time we come out with new books, I am energized again about why I do this and how easy it is to share these adorable and educational masterpieces.

There is a large market for books, as there is with many other products.

Be creative. Do storytime. Throw your own parties. Have children create reviews.

Share where you are already. Share where your friends and family are already: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

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Do I have time for direct sales? Follow these quick tips to make enough time in your day to get stuff done! #thereadingscoop



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