If You Love The Greatest Showman, You will Love these Books!

I just saw The Greatest Showman. Talk about inspirational! If you got half as much inspiration from The Greatest Showman as I did, you will fall in love with these inspirational books!

Some of my favorite Inspirational Children’s Books:

If you Loved the Greatest Showman, you will love these books!


I left The Greatest Showman so inspired! I left wanting to conquer the world. This book can inspire, too. This is such a cute story of a bear that wants to read. This is the perfect inspiring story for any young reader. Light the fire in your young reader and inspire them to read for life!





If you Loved the Greatest Showman, you will Love these books


Scribble & Author is an awesome story about writing a story. It can also remind us that we are the writers of our story. We can choose how our live ends up, just like P.T. Barnum did seen in The Greatest Showman. Keep inspiring others in your life and you will live an inspired life.






If you Love The Greatest Showman, you will Love these books

This awesome adventure series is the perfect story for anyone that has self-doubt or is insecure about their abilities. Although this is a series, each story can easily stand alone. Learn new life-saving skills while reading this simple, yet powerful chapter book. Perfect for 2nd-4th graders or even awesome for a read-aloud starting at 6 or 7 years old.


Inspirational Books by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt:

Before I get into the books, this author, much like The Greatest Showman is awe-inspiring.

 Michelle Nelson- Schmidt is one amazing writer, illustrator, and friend.  She oozes inspiration just like the songs in The Greatest Showman are my new workout (or cleaning) mojo theme! Here are some of my favorite stories written by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt.

Bob is a Unicorn

books by Author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

In this story by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, Bob is a little different, just like many of the characters in The Greatest Showman! Bob thinks he’s a unicorn, but the other animals just don’t see it.  Just like in the movie, some people didn’t see the excitement of P.T. Barnum’s circus. This story teaches to be who you are despite what others see in you or say about you. It also teaches to be passionate and creative.








Other Inspirational Books (with Plushes):


inspiring books

I’m probably going to end up seeing and buying The Greatest Showman. Just like that movie, this is a book to read again and again! This uplifting story is one of Michelle’s best! It’s great for young and old alike. Cordelia believes she can fly and has all the confidence in the world until others tell her she’s can’t. Watch Cordelia pick herself up and prove everyone wrong! Cordelia would make the perfect graduation gift and is a MUST-HAVE for any home!







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