5 Memorable Quotes from The Greatest Showman

I just watched the most Inspiring movie, The Greatest Showman. My word of the year is Inspire and this completely fits the definition.

word the 2018: inspire

I laughed. I cried. And I definitely clapped at the end! Don’t tell, I also wrote down a few quotes! They were too good not to remember!

5 Memorable Quotes from the Greatest Showman

“A Man’s station is only limited by his imagination”

Stuck in a rut? When is the last time you really let yourself dream? Dream. Dream big! Create a vision board like we are in my group. Not in my group? I’d love to have you! Shout your dreams to the world and allow yourself a few minutes to just imagine. Then, make realistic goals to get you a step further to reaching your big dreams.

5 Memorable Quotes from the Greatest Showman“We can live in a world that we design.”

This goes right along with vision boards and our imagination. We cannot change everything around us, but we can affect so much of our world. Take a piece of your life that annoys you. Disorganization. Flaky friends. Take the opportunity this new year to design the world you want. Spend your time wisely. Spend time with people that deserve it. Get a new job! 

Just like an architect designing a house, have some fun with crayons and paper. Design your dream life and live it!

5 Memorable Quotes from The Greatest Showman“Comfort is the enemy of progress.”

Big dreams are scary. There’s a reason “out of our comfort zone” exists. We get comfortable in our routine. Change is scary, but without change we will not grow. Our circumstances will not get any better, either. What is one definition of insanity? Isn’t it when we keep doing the same things, but expect a different outcome?

If something isn’t working, change it. If we want something more in our life, we need to try something new. Talk to someone new. Reach out to an old friend. Ask for a raise. Workout differently. Eat better. We’ll never know the outcome unless we try.

5 Memorable Quotes from the Greatest Showman“I make no apologies. This is me.”

I have lived so much of my life worrying about what other people think. Do I measure up? Why can’t I be more like ________?

Stop comparing yourself to others! Make no apologies. Be yourself and be proud of it. Make a list of your strengths and your favorite traits. Tell someone close to you what you are proud of. Then, think about one trait or skill you would like to improve on.

Be your self. Be your best self and keep striving to be better.

5 Memorable Quotes from the Greatest Showman

“What’s waited til tomorrow starts today.”

This last quote really hit me. Why wait for tomorrow when awesome could start today! Keep your vision and your goals handy so you can look at them daily. Begin your best life today!

5 Memorable Quotes from the Greatest ShowmanNext time you’re at the theatre, see The Greatest Showman. It’s worth every penny! And, if you’d like to see some inspiring children’s books, start here!

5 Memorable Quotes from the Greatest ShowmanKeep in touch! If you’d like some inspiration on pinterest, click here.

I’m looking to inspire and be inspired this year! Come and say hi in my group when illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg comes by for a Q & A just for my VIPs!

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