Word of 2018: Inspire

I’ve started choosing a word of the year to set my life on track. Last year my word was Believe. Believe you are beautiful. Believe you are enough. This year I chose Inspire.

I want to first inspire myself. I’m an emotional person, but since Justin was born, I don’t know that I’ve truly felt like myself. I have great days, more than not, but I often feel off. I need to inspire myself. How?

Inspire Myself

Workout every day

I’m often inspired and even at time jealous of people that workout and stick to their routine daily. I’m going to make it work. Now is a great time, actually. My husband, sadly, recently, lost his job. With him home now, I have no excuse to get my 20 minute workout in every single day. 


I need to meal plan for real! I just got an Instant Pot Cookbook for Christmas. My Instant Pot has saved me many times by allowing me to cook quick and healthy meals. I’ve been blessed with not cooking for the holidays being with my in-laws in California, but back home in Houston, I need to get back on track.

Spend Quality Time with my Family

I love my moms groups for this very reason. We have kid-friendly activities planned several times a week to enjoy our children while bonding with other moms at the same time. I need to schedule special time with both of my boys alone. These days, though, my 9 month-old who has never taken a bottle, gets plenty of quality time with momma!

In addition to my children, I need to make more of an effort to have quality time with my husband. We get lots of tv time, but I plan to make more stay-at-home date nights. Pinning to commence!


With my new planner to help, I need to organize both my schedule and my house! Boy the clutter just continues day after day. I need to truly take advantage of the time my husband is home and organize both my personal and office space. Have any suggestions? I’d love any and all!

word the 2018: inspire

Inspire Others

Inspire Fellow Moms

I want to inspire other moms through my blog, my relationships, and my business. Moms have it hard, whether they stay at home, or work full-time. We need to inspire each other and feed off of positive ideas to better ourselves and our children.

I want to reach out to more moms in my area to ensure they are aware of the many moms groups available and all the opportunities that come with them.

I want to reach out to moms, also, to let them know of the opportunities I’m allowed through Usborne Books & More. The School and Library Division is opening up again for the first time in 2 years. The opportunities through schools, libraries, and home parties are an incredible way to help your family and inspire others at the same time!

Inspire Readers

I love giving happy mail including bookmarks and stickers with beloved book characters. I will inspire readers through my Facebook Group, through finding the just right books for the just right children, and through the young ones in my life.

I will reach out to past customers to see what tips I can give to expand and inspire more reading!

In the coming months, I hope to refine my teaching and inspiring craft by getting my masters in reading.

Let’s do this: INSPIRE. What a word! Full of incredible possibilities!

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