New Year, New You: Workout Challenge

Every year people make new resolutions that don’t last. That’s doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make a resolution, though. We should always strive to be better, change for the better.

I want to get fit and healthy whether it’s the new year, or not. I have at least 15 pounds to lose to get rid of this “baby fat” also known as cookies, cake, ice cream, and anything else I ate when I found out I didn’t have gestational diabetes the second time around.

Join me in the new year for a free workout through Bikini Body Mommy. The newest workout challenge instructor, 7.0, begins on January first. Each workout is only 20 minutes including warm-up, the workout, and cool down. Briana, the instructor, is down-to-earth and shows her vulnerable side throughout her workouts.

New Year, New You!

In addition to working out, Briana encouraging having non-scale victories including how your measurements change through nutrition and exercise.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can get further workouts through Briana’s site.

This pregnancy was rougher in many ways than my first. Aside from gestational diabetes and some sciatica pain in my first, my pregnancy was generally comfortable. During my second and possibly last pregnancy, I had constant hip pain and found out I had a hernia when my baby, Justin was just two days old.

When Justin was a few months old, after going through nursing pain and feeding issues related to a lip/tongue tie, I suspected I may have post-partum depression. I’d always thought I had bonded less with Justin than I had with my first-born, Brandon.

I went to a post-partum class. One of the things I took from it was the daily activities you should do to take are of yourself. The therapist specializing in post-partum depression told us to even take this list of activities as if it were a prescription. A couple of the activities were to shower and workout for at least 10 minutes daily.

New Year, New You!

I’m ready to get my butt into gear and BBM 7.0 is the perfect way to begin 2018! Hope you’ll join me!

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