Perfect Books to develop Imagination and Creativity

Want a book you can come back to again and again? You can change the story, even grow with the story. Two of these books you will LOVE are You Choose and Just Imagine.

Loved by parents, children, speech therapists, and other book lovers.

Turn the pages and get a new question to help develop creativity and storytelling. Use the mirage of pictures and simple text to create multiple stories.

Imagine if you were big or small. Choose the perfect place for you to live. Describe the pictures that you see or make up your own story based on your imagination.

Watch my video featuring both books!



These are the perfect books to grow with your child. Here are several ways to use these books.

  • Every time you pick up either book, choose one question to focus on. Talk about all the pictures regarding that one question. For example, focus on where your child would choose to live. Talk about the pictures and their favorites on each page.
  • Create a story together using one picture from each page.
  • Tell a silly story and even act it out!

Perfect Books to develop Imagination and Creativity


  • Using Coffee Cans and Tongue Depressors (or Popsicle Sticks), create ideas from both books to use at a writing station. Have your students write down places, people, and things from the story. Then, put the Tongue Depressors in a coffee or soup can labeled either person, place, or thing. Students can use one tongue depressor from each category to write a story.
  • Buddy read and tell a story one page at a time. Name the character or place you choose and use lots of detail.
  • Have students Journal Every day using a different page of one of these books. Have them choose their favorite item from that page and defend why it’s their favorite.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas! I‘d love to have you join my community of Readers. Hope to see you there!

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