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 Michelle Nelson- Schmidt is one amazing writer, illustrator, and friend. Here are some of my favorite stories written by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt.

Inspirational Books:

Bob is a Unicorn

Inspirational Books

In this story by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, Bob is a little different. Bob thinks he’s a unicorn, but the other animals just don’t see it.  Just like in the movie, some people didn’t see the excitement of P.T. Barnum’s circus. This story teaches to be who you are despite what others see in you or say about you. It also teaches to be passionate and creative.


Dog and Mouse

Inspirational BooksIf you’re looking for an adorable book about friendship, Dog and Mouse is for you! The character, Dog, searches and searches for the perfect companion. Mouse helps him look. Throughout their friendship search, Dog realizes Mouse is who he was searching for all along! This story will bring a tear to your eyes and a smile to your face at the same time! A true treasure!


Cute, Rhyming Stories:

Dogs, Dogs!

Inspirational Books

Who doesn’t love a great rhyming book about dogs. Lovely and unique adjectives fill the pages of Dogs, Dogs. Which dog do you like best? Lazy, fast, dirty? Interact with this adorable book by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt and use the mirror at the end to discover which dog fits you best!


Cats, Cats!

Inspirational Books


Are you more of a cat lover than a dog lover? Then, Cats, Cats! is purrfect for you! (pun intended) Cats, Cats! is filled with rhymes and descriptive language. Michelle Nelson-Schmidt shows off her artistic skills as well as her way with words. For just $5.99, this is a great book for toddlers and up! Just like Dogs, Dogs!, find your picture in the mirror in the end to see what kind of cat you are!

Other Inspirational Books (with Plushes):


Inspirational Books

This is a book to read again and again! This uplifting story is one of Michelle’s best! It’s great for young and old alike. Cordelia believes she can fly and has all the confidence in the world until others tell her she’s can’t. Watch Cordelia pick herself up and prove everyone wrong! Cordelia would make the perfect graduation gift and is a MUST-HAVE for any home!



Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster

Inspirational Books

Another book by Nelson-Scmidt is Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster. Jonathan James , like so many children, doubts himself at every turn. He’s constantly questioning himself, or the Whatif Monster does it for him. The Whatif Monster asks, What if you fall? What if they laugh? Jonathan turns the negative language around to see that life can be full of surprises, good and bad. This is the perfect story for the chronic worrier in all of us!


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