Usborne Non-Fiction for Early Readers

Usborne Non-Fiction

Let’s talk Usborne Non-Fiction

I have been to visit with several Elementary School Librarians and Reading Specialists. What are they most impressed with? Our nonfiction!


We’ll start with the Beginners. These hardback beauties are just $4.99! Filled with facts, text-features, and beautiful pictures, they delight children from preschooler to middle schooler. As a former Reading Teacher, I can’t get enough of these books. They contain not only interesting pictures, but a table of contents and index, along with headings and captions throughout.

Best of Usborne Non-FictionWeather is just one of the many topics. There are 40 titles to choose from, so there is definitely something for everyone! Here are half of the titles available below. These books are also Internet-Referenced, or IR books. That means you can use this website to enter the book and page you’d like to learn more about! The learning never ends! 

Best of Usborne Non-Fiction, Beginners Library CollectionRead with Usborne

We have a brand-new learning to read series and it’s a hit! I have a teacher friend that wants these in her literacy library! Great for early readers, these books have non-fiction, folktales, and fiction titles. These books come in Levels 1-4. “Bears”, “Elephants”, and  “Penguins” are three of the non-fiction titles.

The Best of Usborne Non-Fiction, Bears, Read with Usborne

These books are great for building confidence in early readers. With a variety of titles to choose from, readers can start with 1 and move on to 2, 3, and 4 as they progress.

At the end of the book, there are questions and puzzles you can do to finish up your reading. The perfect activity for home or school!

Pocket Books

These Books are actually Kane Miller books. I was unsure about these books before I saw them for myself. Every page is packed with fascinating information on the particular topic. Here’s a page out of Pocket Books: Cities of the World.

Usborne Non-Fiction, Kane Miller Pocket Books, Cities of the World

The Pocket Books Series include Birds, Insects, Cities of the World, Mammals, Natural Wonders, Predators, Reptiles, and Ocean Animals.

Usborne Non-Fiction, Kane Miller Pocket Books, Ocean Animals

These small and informative books are only $4.99 and one of  many books offered in Book Fairs and $5 Book Days!

These are just a few of my favorite Non-Fiction books.

Another great non-fiction category are the Lift-the Flap Books. Read more about the Peek Inside, Look Inside, and See Inside Books here. 

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