My Journey through Thankfulness- Week 1

We shouldn’t need a reason to be thankful. Thankfulness is something that often gets forgotten in the busyness of life. Here’s my journey this November through thankfulness.

Day 1

The Houston Astros. I’m so happy the Astros won the World Series. This was their year.

I’m a Cardinals fan that lives in Houston, Texas. I became a Cardinals Fan through my older brother. Several years ago, the Cardinals and Astros are playing each other in Houston my brother and I went to the game. I remember borrowing his gear and getting all jazzed up to get to game.  Although we lost that game, I will never forget the excitement of a playoff game.

I wanted the Astros to win for the city.  This city after Hurricane Harvey has come together in a way I’ve never seen before and I wanted for the fans for the city for the players to have something thrilling to be a part of something to celebrate.

I didn’t buy a World Series Champion shirt because the Astros are not my team. But I couldn’t be happier for all the fans, band-wagoners and true lifers alike.

My Journey through Thankfulness, Week 1, Baseball
Day 2

I’m thankful for the ability to nurse my baby Justin. It was a definite rough start to our nursing journey when Justin couldn’t latch correctly and later had his lip/tongue tie revised.

Nursing allows a bond like no other. When that sweet baby looks up at me and smiles in the middle of nursing, it completely melts my heart.

I don’t know how long I’ll nurse, but as this will probably be my last baby, I’m


going to enjoy all the moments I can.

My Journey through Thankfulness, Week 1

Day 3

I’m thankful for Mom’s Club and more specifically play groups. Today, due to a last-minute conflict, I offered to host Bumblees, my son, Brandon’s playgroup.

Hosting last minute of course meant I ran around like crazy this morning picking up toys, socks (where do all these socks come from?), more toys, and shoes from the floor.

A mom, a new member of Mom’s Club happened to be the only one this morning. It was awesome getting to meet her, hang out with her, and share stories for the next two hours. From marriage, to children, and our faith, we covered it all in our first “date.”

Day 4

I’m thankful for Netflix. I love the ability to rewatch shows like How I Met Your Mother (even though it had a horrible ending). With my busy life and the fact the we don’t have a DVR or cable, I stick mostly to binge-watching or rewatching old shows.

Watching Netflix is a great way to destress after days like today when you got poor sleep, it’s too hot, and your toddler runs away for the fifth time in a week.

Day 5

I’m thankful for new experiences and trying new things, no matter how much I may dislike the idea of it. I am a creature of habit wherever I go. I order the same food at the same restaurant and am often scared to go out of my comfort zone.

Tonight my husband and I went to I-Fly in Houston. There you get an indoor skydiving experience. Because it was a small group meant for 12, we each got to go twice into the wind tunnel for 2 minutes each.

Whoa! Chin up. Hold Still. Relax. Legs straight. Stretch your arms out. Don’t forget to smile. These are just a few things the instructor is trying to tell you through sign language since talking in the wind tunnel is pointless.

My Journey Through Thankfulness, Week 1

Week 2 coming soon!

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