How teaching Reading prepared me for Usborne Books & More 

I spent my first 7 years after college teaching in a public school. During six of those years, I taught Third Grade Reading with a year of First Grade mixed in the middle.

I absolutely LOVED teaching Third Grade. I loved reading to my students and inspiring them through books, new vocabulary, and amazing text features.

After having my firstborn son in February of 2015, I never went back to teaching. Do I miss parts of teaching? Definitely! But I wouldn’t change my life for the world. I love staying at home with my boys and I’m so grateful for this time.

I’m even more blessed because I get to use so many of my favorite parts of being a Reading Teacher in my new job with Usborne Books & More.

Here are three ways working with Usborne Books & More reminds me of teaching:

1. I love Storytime!

I could have read to my students ALL DAY LONG! Now, I host Storytime at my house once every couple of months. I have lots of fun Storytime themes coming soon! I use my teacher voice to compliment the children sitting nicely and even give prizes at the end!

2. I Frequently use Reading Levels

I speak DRA. As a Third Grade Reading Teacher, I tested my students on their Developmental Reading Level, basically what level the child could read on their own and what level they could read with help. I used that knowledge to recommend books whether in the classroom or in the library. We filled out charts to show growth in reading levels and build confidence at the same time.

Now, when a parent or Grandparent tells me their child’s DRA, or other reading level, I use that knowledge to recommend great Usborne and Kane Miller books. I point out text features and vocabulary. My passion for books and education fits perfectly in my job with Usborne Books & More.

3. I Sell Books

In the classroom, I sold books to my students. Knowing my students’ reading level and interests, I matched my students with the perfect books!

I get to do this now, too. Through Usborne Books & More Educational Services, I work with schools and libraries. I conduct Book Fairs and $5 Book Days. During these Book events, I recommend great books to students. Last year at a local Houston school, while working a book fair a child came up to me and said, “I started reading the book you told me to get yesterday. I love it!”

Just like in the classroom, when I heard, “I’m a great reader because of you, Mrs. Mejia,” I know I am making a difference. I’m making an impact.

Will I ever go back to the classroom? Only time will tell, but, for now, I know I’m so happy doing what I do. I love spreading literacy! And I love staying home with my boys!

Work with Schools Alongside Me

There are many other ways being a Reading Teacher prepared me to work with Usborne Books & More. Educational Services is opening up to new consultants in a few months, allowing consultants to become Educational Service Representatives to work with Schools and Libraries.

I’ve found a passion that fills me to my core and for that I’m truly grateful. There are so many schools throughout the Houston area, let alone throughout our entire nation, that would be greatly helped by the many programs available through Usborne Books & More Educational Services.

If the possibility of working with schools and libraries interests you, contact me for more information.

How Teaching Reading Prepared me for Usborne Books & More


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