Back to School: Mother’s Day Out Edition

We’re two weeks away from Brandon’s first day at Mother’s Day Out. My two and a half-year old boy will now be in school two days out of the week. I know Mother’s Day Out is very different from school, but in this momma’s teary eyes, all  I imagine is my baby boy walking away from me, waving good-bye.

Mixed Emotions

Oh boy, do I have mixed emotions. I run the gamut of emotions as a mom including extreme joy, sadness, and guilt. I feel guilty that I want Brandon to start something away from me. I’ll have time for myself, some time with Brandon’s baby brother, and more time to devote to my business.

One side of me is SO excited for Brandon! Last year in Mops, he loved the two hours playing with other children his age in the childcare program, Moppets. Brandon even asked about Moppets over the summer. One Monday (our usualy Mops/Moppets day) at breakfast he asked, “Mommy, Moppets?” So, obviously, I know he will love Mother’s Day Out just as much. After all, he is going to Mother’s Day Out at the same place that he attended Moppets.

The other side of me, though, is so incredibly sad my baby boy is growing up so fast. First, Mother’s Day Out. Next, high school. Yes that’s dramatic, but gosh, how does time go so fast?

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Tears and Cheers

I’m so glad my Mom’s group is doing a Tears and Cheers celebration so we can all celebrate and commiserate together. This is such a special time in our lives when our little ones go to Mother’s Day Out, Preschool, or Kindergarten for the first time. It’s awesome to have local moms that understand mom emotions.

My Precious Brandon

Brandon is so precious to me and I know his Mother’s Day Out teacher will love and adore him, too. I can’t wait for the notes that will come home to describe Brandon’s activities and all the ways he participated. I know he’ll be bursting with stories and want to show me his new creations and art projects. I can hear his little voice, “Mommy, I’ll show you, k?”

I’m so thrilled to hear about the new friends in his class and all the new things he’s learning. I can’t wait to sing new songs with him and hear stories after stories of his new friends.

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While He’s Out

I hope to really make the most of the 9:30-2 hours he’s gone Tuesdays and Thursdays. I know the time will go fast. I hope to get caught up on housework, spend some quality time with Justin, my four-month-old, fit in my book business, and occasionally meet my family for lunch.

I’m looking forward to some bonding time with Justin without Brandon trying to tackle me from any direction. I’ll be able to focus a little bit more on Justin’s tongue exercises since his lip and tongue-tie revisions. Precious baby moments go by so fast. From the first laugh to the first crawl, I need to soak in as many of these moments as I can.

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So Many Questions

I’m not actually sure how much things will change in the coming weeks. Yes, my daily schedule will change to match with Brandon’s. But will he take a nap after his short nap at Mother’s Day Out? Will he Nap there at all when he’s so used to his cozy crib here? Will Brandon want to potty-train when he sees so many children not in diapers? Will he request to switch to his big boy bed sooner because of Mother’s Day Out?

So many things are about to change in three weeks time. How much will things change? Your guess is as good as mine.

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