The Best Direct Sales Company for Stay at Home Moms

Many direct sales companies are great for stay at home Moms, but I believe one stands out among the rest. Usborne Books & More is the Best Direct Sales Company for a Stay at home Mom.

Here are 5 reasons this company is the best for stay at home moms:

1. Work your own hours any way you want!

Pick your Schedule

With Usborne Books & More, you can pick your schedule. Whether you work around nap times or your child’s Mother’s Day Out schedule, your schedule is complete up to you!

Choose how to work your book business

Also, you choose how you want to work your business. From Facebook Parties and Home Parties to book fairs at schools and daycares. We as consultants even have the opportunity to help families and organizations fund raise through Cards for a Cause.

There are even ways to work the business that include your young children. Play date Parties and Storytime sell the books and set you apart of the crowd.

2. Low start-up cost 

You can join Usborne Books & More for just $75. This includes 10 titles, business supplies, and a 6-month subscription to our website. The kit alone, pays for itself.

The other option, is a little more, but really the better deal at $125. For $50 more than the smaller kit, you get DOUBLE the books, at 20 books instead of 10. You can sell these books or keep them for you and your family.

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3. Supportive family- friendly teams

I started this business as a stay at home Mom, when my son, Brandon, was just six months old. When I started this business two short years ago, I had no idea the type of people I would meet on the Usborne Team. There are so many Uzzies willing to help out, whether they are on your team or not. My team, the Dreamin’ Big Team, is part of a larger training group.

Many of us are stay at home moms and we understand that our families come first. This may mean that we bring and wear our babies to a regional convention or while working a booth. Our leaders know what raising little ones take because they were in the exact same position years ago.

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We have trainings every Thursday around lunchtime. Leaders in Usborne Books & More lead their trainings in their area of expertise. Whatever your goals are for your business, your leaders and fellow teammates will help you get where you want to go!

4. Build a library for your children

Books are something you would be buying for your children anyway. This is how many others feel, too. Books are things that are needed, whether you have lots of money, or you’re on a tight, tight budget. Why not get them at a discount?

People may feel guilty buying new fashion items, but never, books.

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5. You can Make a Difference

As a stay at home mom, we make a difference day after day, minute by minute. The problem is we may not feel it.

As a book lady, you will feel it and know what kind of difference you make! We have an opportunity to get high-quality, educational, and high-interest books into ALL kids’ hands in our communities. We help others through Book Drives and Cards for a Cause.

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Usborne Books & More has books that not only inspire children, but light a FIRE in children. We turn the “I hate reading” into “What can I read next?”

Who will you inspire? Your children? Yes, but will you also inspire hundreds of other children across our country?

Let your passion drive you with Usborne Books & More.

That’s the Reading Scoop,


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