My Part in The Great Whale Adventure 2017

The Day After Our Visit

When I woke up it seemed like it was all a dream as I knew it would. Was Michelle really there the night before? Was there a great whale adventure? Thankfully, little remnants appear around the house that  remind us Michelle was here. She brought us magnets for the refrigerator and a stack of newly signed books.

This note from Michelle will also remind us of her visit.

The Great Whale Adventure 2017 Author and Illustrator Michelle Nelson-Schmidt Usborne Books & More Kane Miller
The biggest reminder, though,  that this was indeed not a dream, were the first words out of my two-year-old’s mouth the morning that she left. “Where is Michelle,” he asked.

Through Brandon’s eyes

After waking up, Brandon ran to get the shirt Michelle left for him, the shirt with Beatrice the whale on it. He said he wanted to wear it today. We took it off for breakfast so it would stay nice and clean. When I told him he couldn’t wear the shirt out he said we should just stay home.

I’m sure he’s going to wear that shirt quite often because it reminds him of Miss Michelle.

The Great Whale Adventure 2017, Whale Shirt, Beatrice, Cordelia, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
Throughout the day, I noticed Michelle’s live videos on Facebook. Michelle regularly uses Facebook Live for her weekly Wednesday Storytime. She also uses the Live feature to update her followers on other life events including The Great Whale Adventure 2017. She was on Facebook live once in the morning after picking up her whale and again after she’d been on the road for a few hours.

At the time of her second video, I had already put Brandon, my toddler down for his nap. I knew he would want to see Michelle, though, so I sneak a peek to see if he was sleeping yet. He wasn’t and popped up right away.  On the Facebook Live video of the Great Whale Adventure 2017 I typed to Michelle, “Brandon says hi!” When she read that she said in her live feed, “Hi Brandon, Miss Michelle misses you,” to which Brandon replied while looking at me, “Michelle is talking to me.”

The Great Whale Adventure 2017

At this point, I guess I should tell you why author and illustrator, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt came to my house. I follow her fairly regularly on Facebook. I happened to be browsing Facebook and saw her post about possibly picking up a big whale in Houston this week. See, in the book Cordelia, Beatrice, a giant whale, plays a big part in the story. Michelle is also currently writing a middle-grade novel surrounding the relationship between Cordelia and Beatrice.

On Facebook, she asked  if anyone would be interested in hosting her as she would be driving to pick up the whale. I immediately responded with ok! as soon as I could. I feared all of Houston would be clamoring to host Michelle Nelson-Schmidt. There ended up being a few other offers, but with me being only 15 minutes from the whale, Michelle ended up picking me!

Live with Passion

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt lives like we all should, like there’s no tomorrow. She lives for her passion which drives her every move. The other day she said when you’re debating whether to pursue something ask yourself, “Does it excite you? Does it delight you? Say yes.” We all have some kind of fear in our lives, but we could all use a little more passion and drive.

If you have the chance to meet or work with Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, do! If not, follow her story on Facebook and you will find nothing but constant inspiration!

Be on the lookout for Michelle’s future books, which I will keep up-to-date with on my blog and business page.

I’d love for you to join my community!

That’s the Reading Scoop,


P.S. Here’s an adorable video ​of Michelle reading with Brandon!





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  1. I love Michelle’s message of living with passion, Cristina. I live the same way. Be kind, spread love, serve others, make friends, and my fave tip; film Facebook Live videos 😉 I am obsessed with that platform. Super way to connect with people, along with YouTube Live videos and Periscope too.

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