The day Michelle Nelson-Schmidt came to visit 

It’s 1:00 in the morning and I can’t sleep. Why? Because this day will forever be known as the day author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt came to my house!

Don’t know Michelle Nelson-Schmidt? You should! She is one of the most positive and inspiring people you will ever encounter. She came to Houston, where I reside, for the Great Whale Adventure 2017… but I’ll get to that later.

Michelle arrived around 7:45, shortly after my family and I finished eating dinner. I was in the middle of nursing when the doorbell rang. As my husband got the door, I quickly finished nursing Justin so I could greet Michelle. Michelle and I hugged before she shook hands with Daniel. After,  I introduced her to my children.

Brandon took to her immediately. He showed her several of his cars. Sitting on the couch, Michelle would ask him to find a green car. He would race to the stairs to find one among the pile of cars on the stairs and hurry back to the living room to show her. “What about a red car?” He ran again to his collection of cars to quickly find a red one to show Michelle. He did this several times. By the end he was out of breath from all the running.

After this, Michelle ate dinner and we talked a bit about the Usborne Books & More business, how long I’d been with the company, etc. I then had to put Justin, my 4 month-old to sleep. I took a few quick pictures of Michelle with my boys before putting Justin down.

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, visit, Kane Miller, Usborne Books & More, books
Little did I know the sight I would see when I came back from putting Justin to sleep.  Brandon, almost two and a half, was sitting in Michelle’s lap as she read one of her picture books to him.

Whatif Monster, Books, reading, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, Usborne Books
She read book after book to him as she asked him questions like “how many monsters are on this page?” “What color is this bird?” She asked, “What is Cordelia looking at now?” “Where is the moon?” As they finished book after book, Brandon asked for a few books more until they had read every single book Michelle brought.

After reading so many books, my husband, Daniel, took over with Brandon, while Michelle and I sat on the couch with wine and chatted.

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, wine, author, books, friends
We talked more about Usborne Books & More, Kane Miller, how we met our husbands, working with schools and libraries, and so many other topics under the sun. Conversation flowed for hours until we both had to go to bed.

Look out for my follow-up post about Michelle’s visit.

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