Request an Usborne Books & More Catalog

Online shopping makes our lives a lot more convenient, but sometimes searching through the pages of a catalog can be a lot more relaxing. Many of my customers enjoy an Usborne Catalog.

Every year we have two catalog come out with new titles. Here is the cover and theme of the catalog for July-December of 2017.

Request an Usborne Books & More Catalog

Even with the increase of online retail, catalogs are here to stay! Why not peruse books in a catalog. Instead of curling up with your little one one night, use the Usborne Books & More catalog. Talk about the books you see and which ones you already have, or wish to have.

My son, Brandon, LOVES looking through the catalog to see which are “Mommy’s Books” (in my office) and which are “Brandon’s Books”. He’ll even go as far as finding the actual book and put it right next to its counterpart in the catalog. As shown in the picture below, Brandon found his Lion Tamer book in the catalog and made sure to grab his actual book next to him as well.

Request an Usborne Books & More Catalog

Want a new catalog? Reach out to me and I’d gladly send you a new catalog!

Once you’ve used your new catalog to order books for months to come, reuse your catalog and pass it down to your little ones to enjoy. They can search for books by type, find book they already own, cut out similar titles by letter or subject. There are so many ways to reuse your Usborne Books & More catalog as a learning opportunity.

Now, you can also add an Usborne Books & More catalog to your next online order for a small price. Pass this catalog around to family and friends in your area and you could even get some free books through this catalog party. Want more ideas for free books? Contact me anytime!

Holidays or birthdays coming up? Give a gift certificate with a catalog! The perfect gift for children of all ages!

Request an Usborne catalog

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