The Differences between Peek Inside, Look Inside, and See Inside books

If you’ve been around Usborne Books a while, you know there are a TON of Lift-the-Flap books! But, what’s the difference between the Peek Inside, Look Inside, and See Inside Books?

Peek Inside

Peek Inside books are great for younger children, preschool age. These smaller non-fiction beauties include some new titles including fairy tales like Peek Inside Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. Peek Inside series also includes  Animal Homes and my favorite, Peek Inside Dinosaurs. The fairy Tale Peek Inside Books are 14.99 whereas the others are 11.99 because of the intricate and artistic detail involved with the fairy tale stories.

The differences between peek inside, look inside, and see inside books

Look Inside

Next up, Look Insides. These books are recommended for school-ages children age five and older, although I know quite a few three-year-olds that love their Look Inside Books! Look Inside Books are closer to what you would normally think of a lift-the-flap book than a peek inside book, as Peek Inside books give you just that, a peek.

The differences between peek inside, look inside, and see inside books

Look Inside books come with over 50 flaps to lift, some of the series having more than 70 flaps throughout the book. Some of the Look Inside books even have flaps within flaps within flaps, like Look Inside Your Body! These detailed non-fiction books will delight young minds with facts about some of their favorite topics: castles, the body, the jungle, and space.

Look Inside books are a great stepping stone between Peek Inside books and See Inside books. 

See Inside

Lastly, we have the See Inside series, perfect for ages seven and up. I know many adults that could learn a thing or two from this series, myself included. The See Inside books have more of an adult feel compared to the illustrations and diagrams in both the Peek Inside and Look Inside series. Although some of the Look Inside and See Inside books cover the same topics, the differences lie in the presentations. Both series cover space and the body, but the pictures and facts are written for an older audience in the See Inside books.

See Inside books are also iR or Internet-Referenced Books. This means you can get more information including videos, puzzles, quizzes, and pictures on the internet about your book! This is such a vital resource to use for further education of our children. 

The differences between peek inside, look inside, and see inside books

Each of these three series serves a great purpose: to educate and make learning fun! I hope you enjoyed learned more about these beautiful Usborne Books! I’d love for you to join my community of readers!

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**I am an Usborne Books & More Consultant as well as a Mom and a Former Third Grade Reading Teacher. Usborne Publishing Ltd. (UK) has no connection with these pages and does not sponsor or support their content.

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