New Consultant Kit Options of the many pros of joining Usborne Books & More is the low cost of the new consultant kit. There are two kit options available. Both kits come with books, business supplies, and a 6 month subscription to the e-commerce site (your shopping website).

The first option is the mini kit. This is the more popular option because of the extremely low cost. As you can see below, you receive 10 books (which change out every few months with our new titles). You also receive a set of business supplies including catalogs and order forms to begin your business quickly after receiving the kit. All of this book goodness comes in a beautiful branded box, as long as you live in the contiguous states. This great selection of 10 books is the perfect amount of books to show off at your first home party, your launch party.

Usborne Books & More: New Consultant Kit Options

Here is the other kit option for Usborne Books & More. at $125, for just $50 more than the mini kit, you will get DOUBLE the books! Usborne Books & More: New Consultant Kit Options

This larger consultant kit comes with 20 titles. These titles will show the large variety Usborne Books & More encompasses. This includes our baby books, sticker books, wipe-clean section, shine-a-light books, and other books suitable for all ages. As with the mini kit, the $125 kit comes with business supplies and a 6 month subscription to the e-commerce site as well.

The cost of the kit can be earned back during your first 30 days through your sales and you could even sell your books from the kit at a party or a booth.

One of the awesome aspects of Usborne Books & More is the wide range of ways to work your book business. Once you get your kit, be sure to take advantage of your upline and training available. Usborne Books & More: New Consultant Kit Options

I’m so glad to have you join the Usborne Books & More family! Talk to you soon!

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