Interactive “Flashlight Books”

Make Reading Fun!

It is so important to make reading fun for our little ones! Our children are growing up so fast these days and many lose the love of learning quickly. As parents, we need to change this! One easy way to make reading fun is to build forts and forts go absolutely perfectly with our Shine-a-Light Books, more commonly known as the “flashlight books”.

Shine-a-Light Books

Kane Miller publishes these incredible stories that feature hidden pictures on each page of a shine-a-light book. There are 15 different Shine-a-Light books including the two newest: Shine-a-Light At the Garage and Shine-a-Light in the City.

Interactive Flashlight Books

Interactive Flashlight Books

The pages alternate between color and black and white. Shine a light behind the color page to reveal a hidden picture. I’ll show you an example below. The first picture is what you see without a flashlight and the second is with a flashlight.

Interactive Shine-a-Light BooksInteractive Shine-a-Light Books
As you can can, the second picture reveals a hidden monkey with a light shining behind the page. This is a picture from one of my favorites, Secrets of the Rainforest.

Different Ways to Use these Adorable Books

These interactive books can be used in so many different ways. Use them to make reading more inviting. Make it fun! Lay down with your child under a blanket and use your favorite flashlight. As you read, have your child predict what hidden picture they think they might find.

Interactive Shine-a-Light Books

Read in the Dark!

Many families have mentioned the best conditions to see all the hidden pictures is in a dark environment. Take advantage of these books and use them in a fort, camping, or right before bed. Depending on the age of your child and their temperament, though, this book might hype them up a little before bedtime.

I’ve sold many of these books to my customers and not only are they always raving about these books to their friends, they often want more than one flashlight book to keep around the house.

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