Mom Life: Some Days Surviving is Enough

As I lay here holding my precious Justin I think about how rough we moms are on ourselves and each other. Some day all we can do is just survive.

I’m on day 3 with very little sleep and an emotional roller-coaster after my three month old not only isn’t sleeping well, but still doesn’t know how to use his tongue after his lip and tongue tie revisions. That’s a whole other story for another time… a time further down the road when I’m far less emotional about the subject (and… cross your fingers, I’ve had more sleep).

To be a mom is to constantly be needed. A few weeks ago I was at a restaurant with family and I went to the restroom alone. THIS! This felt like vacation! A trip to the restroom? How sad is that?

No one yelling “Mommy!” No one tugging at me or my breasts in 5 different directions.

I am no where near perfect and if you’ve seen my house, it needs a lot of work.

BUT, some days are just about surviving.

Some days are full of dishes in the sink, toys on the floor, and laundry in every corner of the couch because all you can do is make it through the day.

I’m writing this as I nurse my three-month-old who has given up napping this week. Some days these moments are it. Let yourself just be. Be a mom. Let the rest go. The clothes. The dishes. File the papers later. Worry about unreturned text message later.

Surviving Mom Life

Some days surviving is enough.

If this blog doesn’t make any sense or seems muddled and confused, let this be a testament to lack of sleep. Be kind to all the Mommas and Daddies out there, for you never know who is running on empty with very little sleep for days.

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