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Successful Start with Usborne

There are so many ways to work your Usborne Books & More business, but whichever route you take be sure to make the most of your first twelve weeks. First I’ll tell you why to make the most of your first 12 weeks. Then, I’ll give you a few ideas for how. The how is usually what gets people.

How to Start with Usborne Books & More

Why should I jump right in?

I’m glad you asked!

Double Free Rewards

As a new consultant, there are so many opportunities in your first twelve weeks. One is the ability to offer Double Free rewards, the best rewards you will see an an Usborne Books &a More consultant.

You can and should use the Double Free books on a party for yourself. This is a great way to get some books and let your family and friends know you’re officially a book lady! From your party or parties, book a party with a few of your closest friends and family. This will start your business off quickly. These Double Free rewards ends after your first 12 weeks, so be sure to share your new business to benefit yourself and those around you.

During your first twelve weeks there are also several incentives to earn money or rewards based on sales and recruiting.

Earn Back the Cost of your Kit

By Day 30, when you have $1000 in sales, you will earn 1/2 the cost of your kit back! If you reach $2000 in sales, you earn the full cost of your kit back!

During your First 12 Weeks

In your first 12 weeks (your incentive period) you can earn

  • $25 in Free Books for each new recruit
  • When you sell $1000, you earn Success Kit 1 (Each success kit contains over $50 in books and business supplies)
  • When you sell $2000 and get 1 recruit, you earn Success Kit 2
  • When you sell $3250 and sign 2 recruits, you earn $100 in Free product of your choice
  • When you sell $4500 and sign 2 recruits, you earn $100 Cash

Successful Start with Usborne

How can I be successful?

The time you choose your kit can be the most excited you are with this business. Some people fizzle out quickly for a few reasons we’ll get to shortly.

Take these steps to start your Usborne business off right.

  1. Plan your launch within the first two weeks of signing up with Usborne Books & More. Plan when you’re most passionate about your new business. So many times life gets in the way. It always will! So make the smartest decision and plan a Facebook or home party or even better, both, within your first 2 weeks of purchasing your kit. (If you haven’t joined yet, be sure to check out the FAQ’s here.
  2. Find a mentor that is above you or further in their business than you. This could be your sponsor or it could be another upline leader on your team. Find someone you can go to when you feel frustrated that you got your first no or your party didn’t go as well as you’d hoped. The real difference between people that fail and the people that succeed in this business is how these people react to failure. Do they let it get to them and quit or do they take it as a part of the journey and keep going?
  3. Do the research! One of the great things about this is obviously the books! Use the books in your kit and become an expert on those! Read the customer reviews of these and other books to prep you for your book parties. Your knowledge and enthusiasm will inspire others to purchase, host, or even join your team.
  4. Always keep your why in your back pocket. Why did you join? What led you to make this decision at this time of your life. As you work the business, your why will change. That’s normal. Have your “why” posted where you can see it every day to keep you motivated.
  5. Keep contacts. Start this business off the right way. Do not assume all of your friends want to join you in this awesome endeavor. Ask. If they ignore you, take that as a no, and keep the relationship both for personal and business reasons. Your friends that aren’t interested in the books very well may refer you to a friend that is interested. As you meet people at parties, booths, storytimes, and other events, keep track of their names and contact information. Take notes as you meet them if you’re able. Keep up the relationship from the beginning and these may be customers, hostesses, and future teammates for life!
  6. Take advantage of the many trainings available to you as a new consultant. The back office is full! YouTube is also another great resource. Talk to your upline about their favorite trainings. Many of my favorite paid trainings have been through Sassy Suite.

Here are two of my favorite paid trainings.

    1. Fortune is in the Follow-up: this training goes through when to follow-up and what to say! It really breaks down how to follow-up after events which is key to a successful business.
    2. Epic Live Facebook Parties: this EPIC training shows you how to build your own online party to truly stand out! Get your guests to enjoy the experience of the party and come back for more!

Do you believe in the power of literacy? Every year men and women across this great country choose to join Usborne Books & More in our powerful literacy movement. They join for different reasons: believing in a strong mission, making new friends, learning and growing as a person, building a huge home library, and more!  Learn more about why you should join my team! 


**I am an Usborne Books & More Consultant as well as a Mom and a Former Third Grade Reading Teacher. Usborne Publishing Ltd. (UK) has no connection with these pages and does not sponsor or support their content.

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